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Vorons Cross Section

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Hello to everyone. I want to start in the study of the Admiralty build models of ships. Found this Internet project. The first step was made. Let's start with the section. Downloaded and printed out the part of the keel. Scale is 1:48. Determine that I have a material. Waiting for access to the next step. In parallel there is a desire to build and complete model. With respect

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Hi ?

If you go into the top post labeled " Keel Drawing - first drawing for Trition Cross-Section - And Access Request"

There is a PDF file. Download it and this is the drawings for the keel.keelsom ans the false keel.

Make the parts and post a photo of the completed parts in this build log.

Then you get access to the full drawings.


Regards Antony

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Great to have you aboard.

Is it possible for you to edit your build title to include your name and scale you will be working to.( have a look at the way other builders have done it)

A name would be very nice Please. We like to be able to address fellow builders by name if possible :)

You will find some brilliant builds here and most of us are first time scratch builders.

Your workmanship looks really good :)

You can find the files in the next Tab down marked Triton Download Section. This was not visible to you before being granted access.

Now you have the job of downloading the files and printing them.


All the best.


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