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I have done a search on the forum looking for methods of making wooden barrels/ kegs.

The only result pointed me to :- http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/300-le-bonhomme-richard-by-jeronimo/page-7

Post 105

I do have a lathe and a bench saw and I would like to make my own.

My question is :- is there a method that we use ?.

As I need something like 8 barrels I would like to jig it up and do it properly :)

I am able to cut my timber @24 degrees and to spiral join them to give me 18 segments to make each in barrel.

Will post a photo tomorow when they are dryed.


Regards Antony.

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Interesting process Antony.The only problem I can foresee is when you turn the barrel to shape,the staves will appear a funny shape,hard to explain the geometry on the keyboard,but if the barrel tapers top and bottom the staves will be crescent shaped,due to the way the wedges are orientated.I do hope I am wrong,but I would turn one before making the others up

Kind Regards Nigel

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Hi shipmates.

Nigel.... You are spot on with you're analyses of the idea.

I put the test piece in the lathe tonight and turned and polished it the put some Danish oil on to show the joins.

The joiners are ALL curved the same way.

So made another set up slightley bigger with mat black paint between the wedges hopefully to look as if they have been sealed.

And I will NOT spiral them :)


Update tomorow.

Regards Antony.

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The wedges need to be cut with the edges radiating from the axis. So, glue up the sections with the points meeting at the axis. Your prototype will only make "Go home, barrel - you're drunk."

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Hello shipmates.

Thanks for showing me that.

The only issue I had was the cutting of the wedges to the correct angle. But I have that sorted now :)

Produced one today and it turned out spot on.

Just need to adjust the size a little and I have my barrels/cask/kegs.


Thanks again.

Regards Antony.

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Hi Ron.

I use a band saw and a table saw to cut the wedges.

I choose the number of segments I require in the cask.

Example 10 degrees gives me 36 segments.

              10 degrees gives me 36 segments.

              15 degrees gives me 24 segments.

              10 degrees gives me 18 segments.

              20 degrees gives me 15 segments.

              24 degrees gives me 12 segments.


The drawing is better than a hundred words :-

Wedge cutting.bmp


Hope this helps.

Regards Antony.


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