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Another type of clamp

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I woke up this morning thinking about Ed Tosti's miniature clamps and one thing led to another.


I rummaged through the scrap spring box and made two sizes of clamp. one with a 1/16th steel rod  and one with a 2 inch finishing nail.









The small wooden block has a clearance hole for the steel rod, depending on the springs one has. the 1/16 rod used some old bic lighter flint springs


the bent finishing nail used a tension spring stretched out and then used as a compression spring/ These clamps close to about 1/64 but this design has a lot of possibilities for different openings like miniature bar clamps even


The short piece of dowel for the handle is a tight fit







I can see that i will be making a few of these using coat hanger wire as well. I made the bend short but I am posotive that a longer bent arm will also work.


These will be useful where it is difficult to use a clothes peg type.



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A little more work this evening rendered a few more clamps the metal bar is 3/32 brazing rod bent and threaded 3 x 48 the brass nut was parted off with a form tool from some 5/16 hex stock.




By changing springs and being able to change the position of the brass nut makes these more versatile.






Eight more clamps for the collection I hope to use these for the planking of skipjack, when I get to that stage.







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I thought I saw that design somewhere. They look alot like Cliquots clamps used in the aircraft industry. I have some like yours but their strength is too much to use for wood as they would crush your structure. You have a nice practical dsign there. BILL

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