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Oseberg ship by Von_Kossa - Billing Boats - Scale 1:25, 800 A.D (First wooden ship build)

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Definitively not an easy boat to build... is it really your first shipmodel?

I liked the way you have plank it... and hey, Lego is always helpful, no matter the age or purpose.


Well done... looking forward to see it finished

Nelu A

The shipbuilder without patience is like the ship without an anchor.


Completed build: SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST by Mioriticul – D’Agostini (AL) – scale 1:50 – first wooden ship model



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Thanks for recreating your build log. This is a very interesting historic vessel and your build is coming out great. Will follow with interest.

Bon appetit.




<span style='font-family: courier new'>In progress: <a class='bbc_url' href='http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/177-king-of-the-mississippi-artesania-latina-scale-180/'>King of the Mississippi</a></span><br />

<br />

<span style='font-family: courier new'>Completed : <a class='bbc_url' href='http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/176-mare-nostrum-4331-artesania-latina-scale-135/'>Mare Nostrum 4331</a></span><br />

<span style='font-family: courier new'><a class='bbc_url' href='http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/gallery/album/51-16th-century-galeass-imai-scale-1160/'>16th century Galeass</a></span><br />

<span style='font-family: courier new'><a class='bbc_url' href='http://members.upc.nl/carla.en.john/Modelbouw/Rocket.htm'>George Stephenson Rocket Locomotive</a></span><br />

<br />

<span style='font-family: courier new'>Next build : sl Louise</span>

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