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Starting equipment

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As a complete newbie. I wanted advice on what works as a starter's model table . I plan to be doing this for awhile , so I do want something of substance.

Also what sorts of tools do I need and are there good sets or brands  out there.

Who are the quality producers of tools ect.

Thanks for advice in advance

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You only need to post once so as not to clutter the forums.  I've removed your other posts on the same subject for the sake of clarity.


It's difficult to know how to advise you without knowing the sort of model you want to start with.  What part of the world you live in might also help re availability of equipment.


You only need to start small, buying only what tools you need as you go.  The main thing is to buy good quality.  Yes, they're far more expensive, but they'll do the job better and last you a lifetime.



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Sygreen, this whole hobby is about making models and have some fun in the process. I agree that you should start with a relatively 'simple' but interesting kit model. There are many available and I assume you already know that.

The basic tools are those you might expect to see here and I am not going to enumerate them. However, the main thing is that you should have, or develop, some skills in handling small details, some small hand tools and not worry about large investments in lathes, milling machines, etc.

As John asked, what is it that you want to do? I am sure you don't want to collect nice tools.

Then go from there.

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When I got started I built my first model with tools that I had in my tool.  assorted hand tools tweezers nippers files pinvice drills a ruler sandpaper a razor saw and a scroll saw.  It took me along time but it was worth it.  I had a lot of fun and learned many things.  One of them is patience.  Another is one that can be a golden rule.  Watch, learn, listen, and study.  I added to my tools gradually over the years to what I hve now.  When I moved in with my sister all I brought with me ws my tool box.  And the MS Whalw Boat.  I can build it with nothing but hand tools.  It will take me tie but I have plenty of time on my hands.  This is a hobby not a race.  Enjoy yourself, and fun.  My emjoyment is the challenge of trying something different or new.

David B

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What you do is go to the kit sectio and press new topic.  Then add the name of your model and your name. Then you use that keep track of your progress.If not sure how you wish to do it look at the logs of some of the models.  In the reply section hit more options and you will be able to upload photos as well

David B

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Hi Sygreen.

Welcom to MSW.

Have a read here on starting a build log. http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/53-before-you-post-your-build-log-please-read-this-starting-and-naming-your-build-log/

That's all the information you need to start your build log.


As far as tools .. As others have said.. Keep it basic.. Quality is important. Knife. Razor saw . Mitre block to keep your cuts square. Cutting mat.(Large)

Sand paper. Small files. A good light. Tweezers.


Best of luck.

Regards Antony.

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