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HMS Victory by pilidk - Mantua - 1:98 scale

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Hi There,

Just began building this nice and popular vessel.

I have already built :

- Danish navy schoolship Danmark, Scratch buildt.

- Cutty Sark 1:98, Billing Boats

- Frigat Jylland, from scratch.


Now the main structure are in place, I have to start the planking of the hull.

But, due to the mighty curves on this vessels, my question is:

How do I bend the 0,3mm walnut strips????


Anybody can help with ideas, pictures?




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Place the strip in hot water for about 10 minutes, then take the strip out of the water and then place the strip over a hot plank bender and work the strip to shape as required.

Use the water as frequently as required.

The plank bender is made from a piece of Aluminium fitted to a soldering iron. 







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Now, things are getting complicated...I have just finished the first planking. Not quite sure about the results.

But as I have to make a second planking with a darker wood, I hope It will end nicely.

I do have a question: Is there anything I should be aware of at this stage, before going further?

Do I have to fill the small holes with a mix of glue and wood? or not?

Do I have to make the holes for the canons now or wait until the second planking is done?


Please do help, I am grateful for any comments, good or bad are welcome :)

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Before going any further, take your time to do plenty of sanding and filling to get as smooth a surface as possible for the second planking. As the first layer won't be seen, any wood filler can be used for this stage. Time spent here will be well worthwhile. I would also suggest cutting your gunports before second planking, but after sanding, filling, sanding etc.

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As i am sanding and filling, I was thinking about the lifeboats.....

I do not have any lifeboats on this set, so I will have to build one (or three) from scratch.

Does anybody have some drawings of those lifeboats?

They would be useful to build and measure :)


Hope somebody hears my prayer


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Hi welcome to MSW.

Time spent preparing is well spent and makes the second layer much easer and lookes better.

Don't sand too much as the first layers are thin. Put filler in the shallows areas and sand excess.


As far as the ships boats go... Look here http://www.cornwallmodelboats.co.uk/acatalog/amati_boats_oars.html

They do many others but thease look very nice and come in three sizes 70mm . 90mm and 105 mm.


All the best Antony?

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If you are building this ship and want to do any serious "kit bashing", like making boats from scratch for example, you would do well to invest in one or two good reference books. Two that I recommend are "The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships", by C. Nepean Longridge, which is generally considered to be "the Bible" for anyone building a model of this ship; and Anatomy Of The Ship, HMS Victory, by John McKay (Conway Maritime Press). The latter has plenty of drawings to aid in scratch building various parts, including ship's boats. For boats in general, try "Boats of Men-of-War", by W.E. May (not sure if I got those initials right for this author).


If you want to see how I went about scratch building one of the boats, there is a description in my log, beginning on pg 13, post #188. Here is a direct link:




Unfortunately, a number of photos disappeared in the server glitch a week or so ago. I will re-post these, but haven't gotten around to it yet.


Hope this helps.

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Hello  Anthony,

Thanks for the advice. I have just ordered some lifeboats from them,

I would like to make them from scratch, so I will use them as models, and build my own :)

It is much more fun to do it yourself !!

I also would like to thank you a lot for your site: It is simply the best!

Best regards

Philippe from Denmark



Thanks for the link: Now I get the idea how to get into this task, shame there is not much pictures, but 

your log is just amazing!

I am learning so much right now :)

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  • 1 month later...






Just thought I will send some pictures og the current work.

Planking is finished. I have started with the brass covering of the hull.

Halfway finished.

Now, i cannot find the original brass covering for the back of the chip (where all the windows are)

I cannot remember what is it called in english. In french it is the "Chateau arriere"

So I guess I have to build it from scratch.

Does anybody have some pictures of this kind of built?


It could be very helpful!



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  • 2 weeks later...

post-11666-0-05374500-1400154384_thumb.jpgSo here are some updates on my Victory :)

I have started the covering of the hull with some copper plates.

Quite a long job, but it does look good!

I qm just halfway now, and I decided to take a break, so I started the construction of the 

stern post. The one provided with the kit is so bad, that I had to try something else.

(see the picture with the original kit stern post pined on the side of my own creation.)

Well, efter many attempt, i decided to accept this final result. I know, it is not the best you have

seen, and I can see some little mistakes, but I am quite proud anyway.

I would probably make some improvement along the way, but wood is patient, isn't it? :)



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  • 2 weeks later...


I send some pictures of the ship as it is today.

I know, the ship is very dusty, so bear with me :)


I gave up on the stern. I tried different process, but I couldn't find

any good plans or pictures/explanations on how to make it from scratch.

So I have ordered a fully made one from cornwallmodells.

A bit dispointed, as I would have like to make it myself.

But, as my girlfriend says: You make so much on your own already, so you are forgiven....

Nice and understanding partner I have :)


Have a good sunday you guys !


Lots of friendship and love to all of you :10_1_10:






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looking good there, i recently remasted and rigged a very old version of the mantua kit for the owner of the local model shop which must of been about 30 + years old, luckily all the instruction/ plan sheets were still in storage at his grandmothers house! it does build into a nice model.


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Thanks a lot for your message Clearway :)

I found this Mantua kit very challenging as they don´t have a good instructions sheets and lots of their 

pieces are not accurate in scale.

Aniway, thank god it is not easy, i love good challenges :)


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Just an uptade: Still coppering the hull....

It took 125 hours so far.

I wonder how can I get the copper plates to get green as if they had been in a salt water for some time.

Any recommendations?



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Quite some changes on my project. First I have finished the copper planking. I took more than 130 hours and almost 2200 plates. Quite a challenge. I am not very happy with the result, but it has to be ok for now. I will probably come back to it later on.

The stern and the stern gallery: Well, what can I say? I was not pleased at all with the original laser cut plates which comes with the kit, so I decided to make my own. I worked hard for 40 hours to make some....

After I was finished, I was too ashamed of them. Not good enough. So...I took them off again.

I just have clean up his area and wait for some new parts ordered fro Cornwallmodelshipping.

I couldn't find any good explanations how to make the stern on my own.

I have worked on both side of the ship, and the next step is the canon holes. First some adjustment, polishing and painting the inside with red color.

I look forward to make them :)

Here is some picks of my baby as she is today. She took a walk in the garden. Quite unusual for a ship !


Best regards









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Stern post and gallery:

Here we go! I have received them from cornwallmodelship in the U.K.

I have painted them and currently making the window.

I have also adjust them to the ship. She is waiting for them now.

I hope to post some new pictures soon.

In the mean time, here is a pick of the stern gallery and the stern post as they are


Have a nice week end folks!


Ps. just discovered that there is a lot of brass fittings missing from the kit. As I bought it from a second hand site on the internet, impossible to retrace the original owner. I contacted Mantua, they don't bother to answer....I just want to buy the missing parts!!!

If anyone have a Mantua kit, I would like to know what exactly is coming in the plastic bag where the ship wheel and the brass eyes which comes on the deck. It will be a great help, so I can order the missing parts. Thanks in advance !!





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So here we come. I have been working on the skylight these past few days.

Not finished yet, missing the glass and the varnish. Just tried it on the model.

Take a pic and please do comment if you have any suggestions, good ideas :)

Best regards







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