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Time for nan update.

The first pic shows the waterways, rubbing strakes and haws installed.


Second and third pics show the stock cannon and lower carriage, last pick shows the modified cannon, on the cannon I replaced the breaching ring as the kit one looking to thick and long to me, the new one was soldered on as well as the hinge, I also added the screw jack for elevation rather than use the stock wedge the kit came with.


The lower gun carriage was made from a piece of walnut from the scrap pile and I added the eye bolts, I still need to add wheels to the lower carriage. All comments welcome.

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Time for an update.


The first pic shows the stock water barrel on the right and on the left I sanded off the bands that hold it together, the second pic shows the modified barrel with the new masking tape bands, the planks scribed in and stained golden oak. The third pic shows the barrels installed on the deck, I think they came out pretty good.


The last 2 pics show some of the deck furniture installed like the dog house, hatch, tiller and the scratch built rudder the stock rudder did not fit. All comments welcome.

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Nice work, i realy like your build log!!! I'm starting in the hobby and I should buy the virginia in a couple of days!!!  All your pictures will help me a lot!!! And by the way, the barrel they look awesome ( you put some pressure on me haha )


Keep the good work and the nice pictures.

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Update time. First 2 pics show some of the new deck furniture along with the scratch built pump (didn't like the metal kit one).

Picture 3 and 4 give a better view of the installed railing which was painted black along with the rubbing strakes, I also painted the outer bulwarks white for some contrast. Next up cannon rigging.

I got my first rigging done on the barrels and a the installed bow sprit. all comments welcome.

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 Very nice work, Robert.

 I'm building the same model, though I'm a couple of steps behind you.

 I started it before I joined MSW, but I'm glad that you created a build log because it's nice to see what you've done with it.

 The gun carriage is something that I'm trying to improve upon, as well, though I might borrow your bilge pump idea.




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Update time. A couple of distance pics to show the standing rigging and the masts installed.


The last pic shows the cannon installed, rigged and the mast hoops made from black wire, I had no choice but to make the mast hoops myself Latina only gave me half of what I needed.


Next I have to add the anchors and a few other small detail before I add the sails. All comments welcome

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