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Chinese pirate junk by Miroslav, 1:50 scale, Amati plans

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As I say in introducing myself, I am trying tu build Chinese junk as my first model. I choos it because it seems simple to me (what a mistake), there is no bow, and different sails that looks not too complicate.

Earlier, it passed few years I thinking about modelling, but always something happened, a job, some familiar things, and only spent a lot of time reading about it and collecting some free plans from net. We have not here possibility shops where can buy plans, specific wood for modelling and tools, and I know that have to improvize while building.

Fortunatly, my grandfather was engraver, and left a lot of small hand tools for metal, specific knifes made before WWII for brass, copper, gold or silver, and I have to use it.

I have great garage and workshop, but I decided to work in house, near my PC, also, there is wormer, and the winter is coming..

So, I have not kit complete, but I got lot of materials and Amati plans from one experienced expert here, and first choose very small corner in my room while my wife was very angry. I took the patrt from my office table and put it near the window with fantastic view to my flowers and trees.



and.. I started in 21. may.


First, I put the scellet without glue, just to watch how it looks like, is the laser cutting precisely.

Even and me, nonexperiance amateur noticed that cutting was not good. Ribs 9, 10 and 11 were too deep, and going under the keel. But in plans there is just that dimensions, I compared? There is problem:



So I started with improvisations. I Inserted small part a 5 mm long in slot 11, thinking what consequences will be at the end.




But, I always have a little help from my assistent



I do not know how many photos is limit to one post, and will be continue..

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I went to the cigarettes and continue now.

Junk is specific - bow and poop ribs have only one side point to fix to the skeleton (is it the right word?). So, I took styrofoam parts and rasp and forming it to be surface for glue.

In the bigining it looks like this (before forming)





While I cutting parts of that, offcourse like everytimes to me




both poop parts








and finally, first slat and start planking.

But, I have no experiance. Few days ago, I learned i had to start from keel, not from deck




I had no idea how to fix while planking, and use any impossible tools to fix after glueing.

watch this chaos



Listening smart people, after few hard days, I bought 1 kg smallest nails and everything starts to be easier. Just put a glue and easy fix with smal hammer to ribs a half of it, and after drying glue extract nails.

For a chinese junk I bought and chinese tools - but, it is great garbage, and it can only use for knock in my stingy head.



will be continue..

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After, things looks better



and better



Notice some space between planks, but it will be covered with leyer of putty for wood and polish. After that will be second planking, for me biggest problem because every detail will be visible.

Prepare to putty:



and after, too much leyer to jam fissures, also maybe mistake



After, I burnished everything, but du not have photos, and that is the end of this phase of work untill today.


Tomorow is sturdau may be I shell go to enjoy in morning fog on the river and fishing




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I find here some good thoughts


It is not a hobby if you hurry




there is nothing what sanding can not fix


If you think about visible fixes, think about second layer of veneer planks

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If u excuse me, I´ll be following your build log too. Great work till now - nice improvisation holding the bulwarks together. I´ve got the AL Red Dragon, but it isn´t the Red Dragon anymore - changing it to a 15th century Ming Dinasty imperial junk. Keep the good job and pictures flowing!!

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 Well, Miroslav, I hope that you caught some fish, that's a good looking piece of river, you have there.

 I see that you are off to a good start. I like the Chinese tool idea, too.

 I look forward to seing it come together.



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I too will be following your progress. i have built a similar junk so if you need help just ask.


It will be nice to get some photo of your junk?

For junk there is problem that is not one famous ship like America or Cuty Sark for example, and you can see photos for every detaails. In Asian part of the world were thousends of ships like this, but with a different variants. I am going to continue Amati plan but if would possible with some detail from my imagination.

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I don't have experience with "Neostic". With this type I/we use ( "Moment"), it is easy to remove excess of glue with slightly wet paintbrush, and it is strong enough for veneer, and get dry in 10-15 minutes. Excess of "Neostic" you can not remove with water. And be sure, there WILL BE more glue than you want on places where you dont want it.

Keep on posting !

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well, hallo again, after few days!

I was busy so did not work a lot, but there some news. Finally I finished planking the hull.. changing and trying some glues, and the more of thet find place at my fingers, nose, shoes, etc but a very little there where Iwant. At friday I was finished planking after ten hours continious work, there was not fresh air, and clouds of vapors of glue made me very strange  :) . I have some pigments based on watter and very soon it vill be next phase. Also, I finshed planking main deck and it is just drying under the collected works of Dostoyevsky, he has a good pressure..

I am thinking, junk is not unique ship lika Santa Maria or others,with everi detail about colour or similar visual effects are well known. Junk is tipe of ships that sailing in the large part of the planet, and I am limited only wit construction plans.. So, it will be darker then usually maybe with some light details.

I have only pair of photos.









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  • 3 weeks later...

A little news.

In last few weeks I had work a very little or nothing. Dead inspiration, lot of job, and waching Championship in Brasil.

But hull and main deck and upper deck had been finished and coloured in interesting way. I was thinking, pirate junk must be a pirate ship, dark with a scars and memories of battles, stains, not fine shiny ship. Enemies had to feel scared, not amazed when see it. Also, it must look like old ship, passed thousends of miles and had hundreds of battles. So, here are some photos


Before painting





after painting 





deck before (sorry for chaos in back)





deck after





Upper deck (I am not sure for that name in english, but you see what it is)





Remember, everything that looks like some mistake at the plates or something else I just want to be (mostly  ;))

Hull was coloured in some kind of palisander colour, hm, manufacturer called it so, but I like impresion at the and. Deck is under the thin lair of some bitumen. It is interesting, between planks is black pudder and the rest is lighter in several shades. But here I used flash and quality of photos and colurs ar not the best.

In the future, idea is to paint space on top of hull, from hedge till bottom lines off cannons, 2 cm or less, about half of inch. Colour in that part will be white - cream acrill, but diluted to be almost transparent so effect will be dirty old paint surface (painting is also my hobby sometimes).

And at the and, I forgotten to say thanks to Marktime to sending photos of junk. But it is trade junk - this my is pirate and plans are a  little different.

There is lot of work in next period, and for me is problem to decided what phase is now first, what after that, priorities, I wuld not like to disassemble ship in the middle of woork because have forgotten something.




Pozz i našima

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