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Black Pearl by Adrieke - Hachette (Amati)

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about 2 months I subscribed to the Build the black Pearl from Hachette as it was just released in Australia.


it was my attempt to get back into building after a long time of no activity, as I figured there wouldn't be much work to do each week. each delivery contains 4 issues , but I will stick to doing one a week. for about a month I was working on another project (a bf gift for my wife) but now I am catching up again.


I ll be doing a post with some pictures every week )


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WEEK 8, 9 and 10


each week brings 2 parts for the lower deck


no strips of wood for the planking but 2 pieces of cardboard.


main reason I didn't use them was that it is in 2 parts with a seam visible through the open hull


so I used left over 7 mm strips (way to big but they ll do) from the GF and used oak stain to darken them


the bulkheads are treated with a black japan stain


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WEEK 13 and 14 (no I haven't forgotten 12 but the brass parts where damaged, so I have to wait on replacements)


both issues have the same contents :brass parts for the side prison walls, lanterns and doors


as expected the brass parts don't fit snugly in the wood parts so I decided to use some small wood strips to make them fit better


First picture shows one finished part on the left, the wooden and brass part in the middle and the cut outs of the wooden part


one of the cut outs I reduce in thickness to about .8 mm which I fix inside the wooden part using masking tape. then I put the brass part on top  (see picture 2)


measuring each inside then cut some wooden strips 2 mm wide. apply some white glue and push against the inside using

 the other cut out which I sanded the sides down so they are .6 mm less on each side (picture 3)


once the glue is dry sand them gently down to the level of the part


afterwards remove the masking tape and cut out and turn the part over. apply some superglue on the sides of the brass part and then put 4 more wooden strips on the inside


sand afterwards and then all is left is to paint the wooden parts fat black




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WEEK 13 and 14 continued


the lanterns consist of 4 very small brass parts . the body needs to be bended and glued together.


next step will be adding the top and bottom part but because I am going to try to add lights inside I am leaving them open for the moment


for the lighting I have ordered some very small test led's and also one that is supposed to simulate a flickering flame.

this last one will most likely not fit inside the lantern, but I will experiment a bit. once I know how I will continue I will order the rest of the led's in the right size


finally I started fitting the doors window bars (some wooden strips where here also needed to fit it properly)


2 hinges and a handle will also be fitted to finish it off



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it is , as long as you keep up with it , if you just keep collecting them , then it is wasting money.


thanks for looking in Lecsandro


busy week at work , so I am still working on weeks 13 and 14


about 2 weeks ago I ordered some test led lights. 3 chip leds in 3 sizes and a flickering led to simulate a candle flame


this to test out which would fit best in the little lanterns


they have arrived and I thought the flickering one would be too big but I got it fitted in.


once I get the issues where it shows how they ll fit in the ship to make sure I can make the wiring invisible, I ll order the rest.







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not much happening , due to the fact that i have been working on the GF and my workbench is so cluttered again i dont have room


i have planned a cleaning and reorganising off the garage shelving where i use one shelf to make two little work benches (900mm W x 400mm D).


these can be used to work and store painted and glued parts of both ships and still leave me room to work on other projects (of which i have too many ;) )

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  • 3 weeks later...

with the arrival of the replacement parts of week 12, I have started up again on this build


I have now received up to issue 23 so plenty of work to do. I am also waiting on a reply from the store that supplied the led lights to see if they can supply the flickering led in pico format. if so I ll be ordering those . if not I will use the normal flickering leds which will fit , just more difficult to hide the wiring



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all the parts for the bottle rack are included


I covered the outside with left over strips. this because I don't like how the MDF wood looks with the staining.


I might add some more strips to the front wooden parts so that the color will be more consistent



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WEEK 16 - 18


these issues contain metal parts depicting barrels, bottles and basket and boxes with vegetables, fruit , potatoes and so on.


so far all the parts have been primed and the main color applied.


desert yellow for the sacks and wicker baskets


NATO brown for the barrels and wooden boxes


black for the bottles


lots of painting will be necessary to get them to look good, although probably most of these will be hardly visible on the lower deck


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busy week at work and at home. most nights where spend trying to prevent my work area/garage to be flooded due to the afternoon storms with heavy rain.


i am slowly progressing though and i have now ordered enough of the flickering LED's to finish the lower deck.


the first one is already installed and the beams that hold the nect deck have been modified to conceal the wiring

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  • 2 weeks later...

thanks S.coleman :)


my order of flickering LEDs arrived yesterday. immediatly i realised i ordered the wrong ones. I am pretty sure they will work , but i might have to remove the one that i have installed as they may not be compatible. i have enough to do the lower deck (with 2 spares).


from next week i ll be on hollidays for 2 weeks, staying home mostly and there should be plenty off time finishing off the whole lower deck

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  • 4 weeks later...

hello figuerres


hopefully they will in the near future


I haven't had much time during the holiday break , plus we have some more issues in our house regarding some small pests that love to eat wood


I have started again working on painting the barrels and crates of vegetables


I ll get some updates soon

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