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It's a sulphur yellow.  Brighter yellow than box and most woodworking stores like Rockler or Woodcraft carry it.  As Mark says, it is a coarser grain than box, but not as coarse as walnut.  Hard wood that holds edges.


Main uses are accent pieces and accent planking strips.  Works pretty easily as planks.  Mostly I sell planking strips or sheet stock in thinner sizes.  Sold a fully planked hull once, but I never saw the pics of that build so not sure if it was too bright.


Got a surplus in stock so feel free to order some before I shutdown on 12/32/14.  25% discount for MSW members.  Just ask for the discount when ordering.




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I used it on my Confederacy. It starts out very yellow and smells like pepper when you cut it. But as it ages it mellows to an almost golden. I finished it with a artists varnish and its really easy on the eyes. If I can figure it out I'll post a pic of the ship. One caveat, it was a bit difficult to bend. Tonypost-339-0-70201600-1414966854_thumb.jpg    this was at nearly done in build, but I dont think I varnished it yet(memory is shot)post-339-0-44529200-1414967162_thumb.jpg after a few years in a case


If any can help me right my ship I'll consider salvage rights LOL

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HI Richard, I have a small chunk and have used it to make a capstan-the drum heads.  Other comments above are accurate. plus it is brittle.  Personally, I would not use it top plank a bottom but the Confederacy above makes me think again.  Still, I would use other woods for planking.................




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