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I am confused by all of the different classes of ships, "rates" of ships, and the intricate details that set them all apart from each other.

Is there a book out there that would clarify all of this? The more details the book would cover the better.




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Boy... that's a tough one, IMO.  The rates were set down by the various "Establishments" over the years and they did change.  I can't offer a comprehensive book but there is this:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rating_system_of_the_Royal_Navy


Down at the bottom of that link are the Winfield books listed.  They will probably be of help. 

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Mark, thanks for that wiki reference - that is the best and most concise summary of the rating system I have read.  I may have to pay more attention to wiki :)  I usually avoid Wiki for reference due to much of the material not being fully cited etc.





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Thank you Mark!

as you know I'm building the Triton but there are no plans for the masts and rigging. The only plans I know of are the ones from the swan series books but I am not sure if those would be accurate for my Triton. So, is a sixth rate a sixth rate regardless of the size when it comes to those sorts of things? Tough question apparrently.



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The rate to be built determined the intended number of guns, decks, size etc. or did the desired number of guns determine the rate to be built based on the establishment in effect at the time? Sort of a chicken and egg paradox!


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