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wasa 490 by dragzz - billing boats /1.75 scale

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here is the new build thats iam going to start i got this kit used for 300.00 cad i looked over the kit all of it is there this is the 50 anniversary kit that what thay say its comes with billing slip 397 with the kit poeple say not to use but its with the kit so not to sure what to do there here a pic




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I have the same slip from 10 or 12 years ago when I did mine.  It was warped also.  As I recall, that track is screwed down.  I just soaked it, ran a line down the baseboard and screwed it down (and glued it) so the warp came out.  It's sitting in my wood/tool storage area and is still straight. 

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Bonjour à tous,

J'ai commencé le montage de la maquette du Wasa il y a fort longtemps.......Ma vie pro ne m' pas permis de l'achever, ma retraite va maintenant y contribué, mais hélas, mon plan A0 n'est plus utilisable (il part en poussière) qui aurait la gentillesse de me guider pour acquérir un plan neuf ou facilement utilisable. je vous en remercie.


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