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President by WBlakeny - FINISHED - Sergal - 1/60

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Hi all


I hope you don't mind i start a build log of a model in which I've already progressed a lot. This was/is my second build in ship modelling.


I started this build about 10 years ago, but due to different reasons my model shipbuilding got a long break. 

She started to collect a lot of dust until about a year ago, i restarted my shipbuilding with my other model, the corsair. 


But now I've put that one on hold, because i really think i should finish this model first.


In the beginning, while planking the hull i had a little accident and broke off the bulwarks on the middle deck.  Hence why she has a railing on the middle deck in stead of bulwarks with guns.


I also discarded the brass fittings because they were a bit too much too my liking. I decided back then to try some scratch building on the stern.  Same goes for the capstan provided with the kit.


This is where she was about a year ago.






The bow




The capstan



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Now that i've decided to continue the model, i rebuild the bulwarks. (Why didn't I do that before the shrouds!)


It's not perfect but at least i'll be able to add the carronades to the model. 





The capstan i made was in too small a scale. So i remade one, with the help of the articles in the download section. 

Which are really excellent !





The captain is inspecting the new capstan.




I wasn't quite happy with the result of the stern, so off it went. I completely remade it, also because I've made the bulwarks a bit higher on the quarterdeck.  I made some new windows and tried some minimal carving. I made some new windows and tried some minimal carving.





The picture revealed that one carving is a bit lower then the other above the stern window.  I'll have to correct that.


Next step will be rigging the guns, although minimal, probably only the breeching ropes.

And probably painting the figurehead. (What was i thinking 10 years ago?)


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Started on rigging the guns.


I first created some eyelets from brass wire wich i soldered afterwards. Then put them all in a mdf block and painted them black.




I then created the breeching ropes on that same block and drilled the carriages for the eyelets on each side of the carriage.






Afterwards i glued with CA the breeching ropes on the guns.




To make the breech bolts, i turned the wire round a smile diameter. Then i cutted some parts of it.




With CA i glued the breech bolts on the guns.




The result, there not fixed permanently yet. I still have to paint the breech bolts black.



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I want to put sails on the model, so i bought the sails together with the kit, so many years ago.

The plans of the kit do not include the sail rigging plan. So I've made a rigging plan based upon the book of Lennarth Peterson. A good thing i decided to add many belaying pins!


It'll be somewhat simplified though, i do not intend to rig every buntline and will be omitting the reef tackles and bowlines of the sails.





Even though i've bought some extra blocks together with the sails, i'll definatly have too few according to the rigging plan. I'll order some more from arkowood. I needed to buy some extra wood for the planking of my Corsair anyway.



Then i started the rigging of the yardarms with those of the mizzen mast. I simulate the the rope bands of the sail by first going round the yardarm.  The sail itself will then later be tied to the yardarm with 4 knots. 


Before the sail goes on, i make sure i prepare all the blocks needed on that yardarm.




For preparing the yard arms and making the footropes and such, the aid of a third hand is very useful!!





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Heya I've just started this kit. Is Sergal another Branch of Mantua? The 1:60th scale looks smaller then some of my 1:64th ships but that might just be an illusion. Looks like you are doing great. Is that the original colour scheme?

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Hey S.Coleman.  I hope you'll have lots of fun on this model.

I don't think the scale is really right on this one for it is indeed a bit small.  

And yes, I think, Sergal is the same company as Mantua. Same goes Panart as well i think.


The colors are of my choosing.

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