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LA GEMMA - Tartane ligure 1863 scale 1:50 - Finished

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LA GEMMA - Tartane ligure 1863 scale 1:50


THE model tartana Gemma on the basis of a plan of 1863 the shipyard Vassallo Sanremo.
The project is based on the book by Franco Fissore editions Ancre.
The original design for the 1/36 scale model construction as arsenal.
The design has been reduced in scale 1/50.
The tartan was a type of ship cargo for trade in the Mediterranean, armed with a sail that was used from 1850 to 1940.















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The hull has been achieved by combining a keel plywood and the ordinate birch, between the spaces has been inserted in the balsa wood.
After the surface has been smoothed and plastered with filler body repair shop.
Later was performed coated by plating 0.5 mm.
Later before mounting the handrail, was built a underbridge with plywood end then covered with strips of 0.5mm.
Between a strip and the other is concerned inserted twine black to have the effect of caulking.

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Then I built the gunwale, and on this I drew a line parallel to the outer surface to mark the line on which to place the bulwarks stanchions.
I run on the line of the holes and enter their bulwarks stanchions.
were later mounted the boards of the sides.
Then it was later realized the gunwale.
The hull filled and honed, was treated with a gray primer tamyia, and after with a primer fine tamiya white, to prepare the base for painting.

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The model is based on the book project The Gemma editions Ancre Franco Fissore

link publisher


Link the site of 'author who made the scale model 1/36



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Wonderful work. Please post photos of the hull planking.



Unfortunately I have no pictures of the beginning of the construction, as have been lost.

Below I will post the sequence of construction from this point.

The model is now almost finished, I have to finish some finishing touches and the lifeboat.

a greeting


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Construction of the boat
I made a form balsa, and the profiles of plywood for the keel and for the border.
On the line of ordinates were made to enter the holes arranged in plastic card.
He was subsequently glued planking.
A coating occurred, was detached from the model form.
After sate are attached tables outside and realized the dunnage benches and oars.
Subsequently, the model has been plastered, smoothed and then sato applied primer gray and white.









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