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  1. I would be interested in a Pegasus Cross Section group build. Will it be available for the conference?
  2. From what I see, the holes themselves are not that bad. They are far more even than the ones I have tried to make. Once filled with cannon balls, they would look fine....almost. I think the problem is with the wood. I have found walnut to be brittle and coarse grained. My preference for something like this is boxwood, if you can get it. If not box, anything with a finer grain and less brittle. Others with more experience with wood should be able to recommend.
  3. dimensions of US flag on USF Constitution

    When I went to my first NRG conference in 1999 I met a guy who wrote a book on flags. As I recall he asserted that back in the sailing ship days the length (fly) of the battle ensign was the beam of the ship. The fly of the next size flag was the same as the hoist (height) of the size above it. I'm not sure how correct that is, but you flag would be inside those dimensions I believe. The battle ensign was meant to be large.
  4. Kurt, Can you go on the Thursday lunch cruise without going on the dam tour? Been there...done that.
  5. They go back further than that. They played Julius Caesar and Brutus in HBO's series ROME.
  6. Advice about attachinng eyebolts

    You may also want to insert the eyebolt shaft at an angle so that it is not in direct line of the force of pull.
  7. Another factor is that you have to work with what is available. Unless you make your own figures you have to go what is commercially available and those may not readily allow you to choose between 5feet and 5 feet 6 inches. One technique I have used is to sand off the figures feet (and maybe portion of the leg) to get the right height. I then use a little sculpy or gesso to remake the feet. ...a shorter dumpy guy. Alternatively, cut the feet off, add a little length to the legs and re sculpy the feet.
  8. There were pictures of Napoleon?
  9. Brian, I applaude you idea to use a simple model as a training platform. My first piece of advice is to add alcohol to your toolbox....rubbing alcohol. (A good 12 year old scotch isn't bad either (but I digress). Alcohol helps soften wood glue and allows you to disassemebly your mistakes, er, ah learning experiences. I have done alot of that. I would like to add to Dan's advise. You will often have to bend planks, such as around the bow or edge bend up or down. This often requires soaking thee plank and fitting it into place AFTER you have spiled it. Let it dry in place and refit when dry. If you glue while wet, it will shrink and cause gaps.
  10. My hat is off to the NRG Board for working hard to make these conferences happen. I was involved in planning the 2007 Conference in San Diego,and to a lesser degree, the 1999 Conference there as well. It takes alot of effort. Now that the NRG is doing this pretty much without a host club helping out, that work is concentrated. I think they are doing a good job balancing the various interests and desires. As Mitch indicated, many members had indicated LV as a preferred site. Obviously some don't care for it. Many want a location with a maritime flavour. For me, that is great, but because my time is limited I can only attend the Friday-Sunday events. Someday when I have more time available to me, that will change...instead proximity is important. Would I attend a conference in Norfolk or Annapolis? I would love to, but less likely. That doesn't mean I oppose the choice. When will the conference be in Whitehorse?
  11. Kurt, What is the attendance for this year's event? When do you announce next year's venue, tonight?

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