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  1. Hms Enterprize shipyard 1:72

    Many thanks
  2. Hms Enterprize shipyard 1:72

    Clare, Who is GPM?
  3. For what it's worth, I am firmly in the #2 pencil camp. For me, solid black is not subtle enough. I have the privilege of belonging to a club with access to actual tall ships. I can go up on the Berkeley and look down on HMS SURPRISE and CALIFORNIAN and see how real caulking looks. Even so, scale distance is only 1.5 to 2 feet away. Mentally factoring in the effect of distance on color and I feel the old #2 represents it best.
  4. OPTIVISOR is supposed to be pretty good. Quality plus changeable lenses. I have one, but I still prefer my cheapo Deluxe Lighted Headband Magnifier (see MicroMark) that the lights fell off years ago.
  5. Red bulwarks

    I'll buy that.
  6. Do not thicken the paint. At the scale you are working it will just look lie a crappy paint job. If you plan to "paint in wood", you are limited to the dark woods...mostly ebony. Good luck working with that!!!! Other options would be to stain another hardwood such as boxwood or cherry. Coloring medium could include wood dye, black India ink and wood stain (such as ebony). Experiment. See what works for you. ...and paint, if done right, ain't so bad. Check out the painting section. Also check out Chuck P.'s CONFEDERACY and/or WINCHELSEA. He talks about hand-brushing, using artist acrylics but with a technique that rivals airbrushing. It takes time, but the result is fantastic. I have used it on small areas, such as wales and transoms, to great effect.
  7. Please take a survey

    I don't know if I am seeing this correctly,but....there is quite a gap between first post and second. Is that correct?
  8. Master and commander, the movie..

    "The amount of alcoholic beverages" is really NOT surprising considering the quality of the water. The only reason the Pilgrims landed where they did as opposed to the area around what is new New York City (their original destination) is because they ran out of beer. The alcohol content was relatively low, but the process of distilling or brewing killed the bad bugs. This was true on land as well as sea. It is interesting to look at history with the idea that most people went thru the day with a slight buzz on. ...and a sailor without grog now and again is an unhappy sailor.
  9. Red bulwarks

    I am late to the discussion...please pardon my tardiness. I was a little involved in the discussion on pigments referenced by Wayne, so this interests me in terms of "what did they use and why". I see the phrase "...did not paint..." several times above. I hope that means they did not use color, but did in some other fashion treat the wood. I have seen untreated wooden buildings and structures and note how (relatively) rapidly they deteriorate. I can only guess at the impact an open ocean, salt water environment would have on raw wood. Would pinetar be used, as Duff suggests, or something else.
  10. Sandpaper. Use. It.

    Vossie, Thanks for the tip on the book. Finishing has been a weak area with me. In some cases I prefer to paint a piece before installing it to ensure a crisp paint line, or lack of over paint. Similarly, paint or stain a section before installing moulding. The issue has always been to seal or not seal. I have painted with some success using a method outlined by Chuck and others. However, I only paint small areas. I either stain or leave natural the bulk of the model. I usually avoid sanding sealer due to fear that it will screw up efforts to stain. Perhaps I should experiment.
  11. A Lesson Learned, Bass vs Box

    Harley, Welcome to the entryport to the dark side. It starts with substituting boxwood for basswood. Next you are kitbashing and soon scratch building. Sometime in the middle you will pop over to Jim Byrnes' place and get a miniature table saw so you can cut strips from sheets.
  12. Hello i'm new here and to ship building

    Derek, Welcome aboard! For what it's worth, I have been modeling for many years and I found the longboat quite challenging. Its simplicity is quite deceiving. Since you are working single layer planking that can be seen from both sides, your planking job must be PERFECT. Good luck and happy modeling!!
  13. how many of you are a..

    Aw, C'mon! I thought you guys were all about tradition. Wasn't it fun crawling thru the garbage chute and kissing King Neptune's belly?
  14. how many of you are a..

    Are you saying that you were in the Royal Navy for 30 years, don't remember crossing the equator? Or don't remember it being called "Shellback"
  15. how many of you are a..

    Well, that;s kind of worthless if you can only check 1. How are we salty dogs supposed to show off?