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  1. Congratulation! What a nice ship and what a well done work. Cheers Hartmut
  2. This ship has to be finished because the shipyard is needed for the next modell. So get out with the ship and on to the next. I agree with captainbob. The enjoyment is the building not the having.
  3. Hello Rat-Fink-A-Booboo Copper below the water line does'nt become green. It becomes more dark brown / nearly black. The green we know from roofs or old ships in a dry dock occurs when the copper is in the air. Hartmut
  4. Hello Hollowneck, a very beautiful build and an amazing work. best regards Angarfather
  5. This morning. Peeps on her usual "morning" place after breakfast. Cheers Angarfather
  6. My ship yard in the basement of my house
  7. Hello Keith, Thanks. I have bought the lamps on a Christmas market in my hometown Hannover by a turkish trader. And something about cats: we have three cats, but there had been never a problem between the models and the cats. Sometimes one of them sleeps behind the Pinco and the other one behind the Pegasus. Cheers Angarfather
  8. In the last 55 years I have made a lot of ships. Most of them are given to friends or relatives, and I don't know were most of them are today. In our house there are these here: In our livingroom. HMS Pegasus and in the window this collection of partly veryold models. In the corridor of the first floor : Gianna a pinco genovese and in my homeoffice HMS Agamemmnon. I don't like showcases. They are to big for my rooms, and there is to much distance between the model and the viewer. One or two times a year I clean the ships by brush and vaccuum cleaner. And of course Statenjacht Utrecht is in the shipyard.
  9. Hello Glenn, A warm wellcome and a happy new year to you from Hannover, Germany Cheerio! Hartmut
  10. A break in the dockyard? Never ever! Today I am modelling the Utrecht. In the background there are researches. In time there are four ships in my mind. A VOC ship, an Ewer ( a utillityship from the Northsee) , a Chebeque or a frigate. Therefore I have to go on with the Utrecht. The slipway must be free for the next project.
  11. It depends what I am doing in my dockyard. Milling and seawing is already loud. Therefore Iam working with earprotection. No music!!!!!!! No additionel noise! And than it depends of my mood. Maybe Jazz, maybe Blues, maybe classic. And sometimes, when there are difficult things to do, fx. carveing, it must be quiet. Regards Hartmut
  12. Hello Tadeus! Most interesting thread. Many thanks for posting this. Hartmut
  13. The work on the Pinco is most done. Only some days with rigging. The next project will be a Statenjacht. Today I got these two books of Sea watch books,OR. Now the preparation of the next model will really begin. The Statenjacht Utrecht is a most informative report of the work in building the "new Utrecht", and the Scratchbuild is a very good build log. And there are a lot of plans in both books. Angarfather
  14. I am with Hornet and Bogeygolpher. When I have finished a project is place again on the slipway for the next ship. Some of my modells are in my house, some are with friends. And the others? I dont know. When I see one of my old ships again it is nice to remember the time when I have build she. One exampel. My eldest uncle had lived and worked in many countries round the world. And now, he is 94, he returns to Germany. And when I visited him he shows me my Mayflower. Yes, he said, she sailded all around the world. And now she and I are back in my hometown. And I rembered the hot summer when Mayflower was finished. That was the summer my sun had been born. Anyway- best is to move in the next project, with new challenges. Hartmut