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  1. Many thank to all the Likes Some pics from the finished decorations of the Windows. Now I have to carve some figures. I tried at first to carve the two sea animals which will "live" on the reling. They are not so complicated as the galions lion and the others. They are named dolphins, but I think that they are typical baroque seamonsters. Cheerio Hartmut
  2. Aye, Sjors! Congratulation to the finishing of this marvelous model! And yes, she is a real beauty! Best regards ! Hartmut
  3. Many thanks, guys!!! A little update. some decoration rails at the sites of the pavilon. Cheers! Angarfather
  4. Many thanks Patrick! Here are two pics from yesterday evening. Cheers Angarfather
  5. Many thanks, Guys! The next step in carving. The lower decorations of the windows . Cheers Angarfather
  6. hello Niels! Congratulation to your absolute perfect craftmanship and the absolut amazing model you have made. Best regards Angarfather
  7. Hello Niels, many thanks for your kindly words! And yes in the background it is the Gorch Fock. Its always good to look to the horizon to see what will be the next project. Two new parts at the Pavillons windows Cheerio! Angarfather
  8. Hello Patrick Congratulations! You have done an amazing job in building this beauty. I am dreaming to sit there on the upper deck, watching the sunset and sipping my single malt, while the machines are singing their wonderful song. Best regards Angarfather
  9. Many thanks for all the Likes and the kindly words! Some new decoration parts. Best regards ANgarfather
  10. Hi Bob, nice to see how you build this modell of a wonderfull old beauty. Its a dream to sail on board of this old lady from Stockholm to her old destination Mariefred Harbor. I think that she will be the last of this old ships with a steam engine which sailed in Sweden. There is another little fleet of old ship which sailed in line traffic on the Götakanal from Göteborg to Stockholm. There are Ms Juno from 1874, MS Wilhelm Tham from 1912 and MS Diana from 1931. But in these ships the steam engines were exchanged for diesel. Regards Angarfather
  11. Many Thanks for your kindly comments and all the likes ! Here are some pics from some new details of the stern decoration. best regards Angarfather
  12. Congratulation Bob! This two beautys are absolute amazing Cheers Angarfather
  13. Aye, IgorSky, Mark and all the "Likes" Many thanks for your kind words! Last two days I practiced in drawing Acathus leaves. Today I tried to carve the middle part of the decoration rails. Since there is now exact drawing from the original, I have designed it by myself. Cheers Angarfather
  14. Aye, Warhonor! Welcome to MSW! Best regards Angarfather
  15. Thanks to Patrick and all the Likes1 next steps was to make the smal capitals which connect the parts of the rails. The result: Cheers Angarfather