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    East Brunswick, New Jersey
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    All things Nautical but my primary interest is Sail between 1750 and 1815. Previous builds include Sloop of War Wasp, Screw Sloop USS Hartford, Training Ship Empire State (all scratch Built) as well as Destroyer Escort USS Camp (scratch built excepting the hull from an old Revell kit - Long Story). Current Build in HMF Liverpool built 1757 at 1:96.

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  1. Hey Barry, I wish you success getting a group together. I'm sure that you'll get something going. Tom R
  2. Ship paintings

    Excellent work Jim. Thank you for sharing. TOm
  3. Good Afternoon Roger, Thank you very much for your suggestions. It is much appreciated. Regards, Tom Ruggiero
  4. Good morning all, It was a great time working with all of you. David and Greg, thank you for a very informative class. While I've done head timbers a few times, I wasted a lot of expensive wood and coined a few new words. Next time will work out much better. Michael, it was great to meet you. Adding a few more pieces? Wow, a great job very efficiently done. The best regards to you all, Tom Ruggiero
  5. DSC_0385.JPG

    Excellent job. The detail is very good, especially the rigging etc.
  6. GR 22

    Beautiful. Please provide a description. What scale? Very authentic. Tom R