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  1. Just as another data point....the 1/48th scale yacht America from Bluejacket supplies 3/64th inch basswood dowels to use as treenails for the hull planking. 3/64th = 0.047, which would be 2 1/4th inches scaled up. I did not do any research to verify, though I assumed that is larger than scale, but probably the smallest diameter basswood dowel that is practical to make and use.
  2. Fokker Dr 1 by Mike Dowling

    Wow, Peter, that video you pointed to is nuts. Must've taken him twice as long to build the model, stopping to take all those pictures.
  3. Fokker Dr 1 by Mike Dowling

    Wow, that does look like a challenge, and it looks like a lot of parts. But it says "Easy to build" right on the box, so it must be. The thread may just be for the cables for the control surfaces (rudder, ailerons, etc) as I believe one of the claims to fame of the Dr 1 was that it did not have the traditional (at the time) rigging between the wings to stabilize them. I'll pull up the first chair and follow along....
  4. Wonderful little model, very well crafted. I enjoyed all the little details.
  5. Wood Project Source?

    I also recently ordered from them (in late October or early November)...just stuff off the site, nothing custom. I got an immediate confirmation but about 3 weeks later I had not heard anything more so I sent an email query about the order. The very next day I got an "order shipped" email then a separate email apologizing for the delay without any explanation. It almost seemed like the order just got lost and my request for status caused them to find it and fulfill it. But he did throw in a bit extra of the cherry wood I ordered.
  6. BlueJacket Lobster Boat: A Review

    Thanks Eric. I enjoyed building those little accessories....you can see I built three of the boxes, and also eventually built a total of 5 lobster traps. I put a yellow and purple buoy with each trap, plus have a few extra buoys stacked up in the cockpit.
  7. BlueJacket Lobster Boat: A Review

    Nice builds, Eric and Kurt. I also built the bluejacket lobster boat. I built it in the first half of 2016 before I discovered MSW. My experience with the kit was much like Eric's. I agree with pretty much everything in his review. However, I was able to manage carving the bow blocks without any prior carving experience. It took time and patience but ended up working well for me. I purchased some real carving knives for this which helped a great deal. Even with the carved bow blocks, I also ran out of material for planking. I am convinced the kit just did not include enough. I also broke some of those cabin bits that are sticking up during part of the build, but they were easily repaired. Note that bluejacket does rate this model a "6" on their 9-point difficulty scale, so that could, perhaps, be used to justify some of the lacking details in the plans, and some of the assumptions of prior knowledge. Here's a picture of my finished model.
  8. Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    I continue to enjoy watching this build. Very impressive progress. But I am really posting to compliment the HDR eclipse photo in your blog....one of the best I have seen!

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