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  1. We built the Pyro models and put small rocks in the hull for ballast before closing up. I didn't shoot mine because I wanted to see it go down the street at the next rain - but my brothers did.
  2. Looking good as always - Kenneth
  3. Nice, Russ That should keep the spray out.
  4. Thanks everyone for the likes and comments. JSG - It was indeed a sickening feeling as her life flashed in front of my eyes for those slow motion moments. If we can build them then we can fix them. Kenneth
  5. Hurricane Damage: While preparing for hurricane Nate and making room for guest from the lower lying areas I sped past and my sleeve caught the stem. I had my hands full and couldn't catch her. But I was fast enough to stick my leg out just enough for her to land on and slide down more gently to the floor. Lucky more damage didn't occur. Easy fix. Repaired and paint touched-up. All the pieces that broke were large enough to handle and glue to the original spot. I'll call it battle damage or war wounds. Gives character especially to the rail. I did get started on the head rails. Still working on them. Please tell me what you think Thanks - Kenneth
  6. Excellent build. Midwest makes a good kit and you are certainly doing it justice. Looking forward to more posts. Kenneth
  7. I can only repeat what others are saying: excellent use of a jig. Keep on Goin Russ Kenneth
  8. Aren't we our own worst critic? But that's the only way to improve. Keep on goin Russ Kenneth
  9. Very, Very Nice, Russ Looks like you've taken up any room for improvement. Kenneth
  10. Thanks guys for your input. I did try the clamp-to-jig approach but they popped too much once released. When I tried to cut directly they broke. Maybe I need more practice, but I have them now. Painting is next then attaching. Thanks - Kenneth
  11. Pieces Parts. I tried to cut these out but the kit-supplied basswood kept splitting. I then heat bent them. Let me know what you think Kenneth
  12. Looking Good, Russ Just like all your work. Kenneth
  13. Moving right along, Russ. Always a pleasure to see your work. A few of the older boats with similar lines were out at the annual Blessing of the Fleet yesterday in Biloxi. I was on the 1931 Doris Mae. Keep up the good work - Kenneth
  14. Thanks guys. I will add a thin coat of satin finish to match the other decks and move on the head rails. Just following the book. Kenneth
  15. Outstanding building technique and patience pays off with great looking margin planking. Keep up the good work Kenneth

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