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  1. I’ve a lot of things underway but I’m interested: especially if templates are provided. I’d opt for scratch built!
  2. A great project would be a stern section including a great cabin, magazine, light room and filling room in a larger scale, say 1:32
  3. Alaskan Yellow Cedar

    Has anyone had any experience with Alaskan yellow cedar?
  4. Alaskan Yellow Cedar

    I've not had the opportunity to work with Alaskan yellow cedar, but I did buy a piece to experiment with it a bit, especially since Chuck and Syren are stocking it in billets. My first impressions are that it is very fine grained, and has a nice yellow-cream color that resembles boxwood. It's soft, but not as soft as basswood. I'm interested in other people's experiences with the wood. What do you use it for? Does it stain and finish well or is it blotchy like pine can be? Is it suitable for frames in a POF model? All answers appreciated! Chuck: You've probably had the most experience. Can you weigh in?
  5. Mark: The .pdf is from Jeff at Hobby Mill. You beat me to it! I keep a copy of it under my Byrnes saw in the shop!
  6. Tried to download the updated monograph. There is a problem with the link.
  7. Thanks, Kurt! I'm looking forward to the plans. We do plan to attend the Manitowoc show in May. I'm not sure if I'll show a model, though.
  8. Is a bill of materials (wood list) included with the plans? It would make milling the material much easier than approaching parts piece by piece.
  9. Thanks, guys. I'll go with red bulwarks on the gun deck too!
  10. The bulwarks on the upper (spar) deck of a 18th century warship were painted red, along with other deck furniture. What about the bulwarks on the second deck or gun deck? Were they also typically painted red? Perhaps white, to brighten the dark space a bit.
  11. Truly awesome, Michael! And after only one workshop. You may have found your niche! It was a fun workshop, and very informative. I highly recommend these to anyone serious about ship modeling. It was great to match faces to familiar name! Looking forward to next year.
  12. Looking good, guys! I hate char also. My 1:32 AVS by Lauck Street was CNC milled. What a pleasure to work with!

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