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  1. Welcome, Daniel!
  2. Everything is working fine now.. Delete the browser cache in each browser you use and the problem will be solved. You may need to do it 2 or 3 times for each.
  3. I've had to delete my browser cache several times. I'm not sure how long this will continue to be necessary, but it does allow me to post right now.
  4. Same problem. Posting this on my IPad. PC using Internet Explorer or Chrome = no dialogue box.
  5. I'd replace the metal with pear, red heart or bloodwood.
  6. Good to know. I'm working on a 1/24 scale Triton cross section that needs 2 nine pounders. I'm not sure that I want to turn them!
  7. What size cannon does this represent. Looking at the size compared to the bulwarks, I'd guess a 9 pounder?
  8. Thanks guys!
  9. I'd like to try my hand at making my own rope. My original plan was to purchase a Byrnes Rope Walk. Unfortunately, Jim has decided not to produce the tool any longer. I would like something more permanent and sturdy than the Model Shipways product. Has anyone had experience with both the Byrnes machine as well as the Domanoff Rope Walk? How does Alexey's measure up? Any tips/tricks you've learned?
  10. Oil based wiping varnishes tend to add "warmth" to the wood. Water based poly leaves the wood "cold" looking, especially darker wood like cherry and walnut. I use water based only with very light woods like maple and birch. It dries crystal clear, while an oil based finish typically has an amber cast to it.
  11. Beautiful model. Well done!
  12. Just got my supply. Enough to rig shrouds and stays for the rest of my life!
  13. In the Midnight Hour - Wilson Pickett