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  1. Sidenote: Sherline is available in EU, and last time I checked - the prices were very reasonable, not far off from the US prices: http://sherline.com/sherline-worldwide-dealers/
  2. Wefalck, do you know if they are going to keep the models, or turn into one of those "multimedia museums about life on board"?
  3. Was in St.Petersburg and visited the build site. There is a steady progress, and the plan is to launch her on 27th May 2018 - the city birthday (it was founded by the same Peter The Great who ordered this ship to be built). The estimated weight of a hull is around 850-900 tonns, but they plan to launch it with large cranes instead of sliding into the water. That would be challenging, indeed! It would be a part of the museum "The history of St.Petersburg in Peter The Great Times", combined with maritime archeology museum, etc. The museums are not yet built, and the city also need to prepare the channel and pier for Poltava to come to the mooring spot (these area is quite shallow). The guide also said that it will be in semi-isolated dock (wet dock though) with a water being heated and circulated to prolong the life of a ship and reduce the temperature deviation. Sounds ambitious, and the aim is to achieve a 100 years lifetime for the ship. Sooo let's follow the guide and go inside! They upgraded from Jet tools to Powermatic, nice! The main mast, dry fitted. It is really huge, and it takes a lot of assemble/disassemble cycles before the fit is good enough for the glueup. Blocks: Cannons. All are cast. The replica will have all its cannons cast in bronze, no plastic imitations. I was surprised that bronze looks like brass, it gets a patina later. So not sure if I will actually blacken my cannons... Spars are mounted inside the build area. I underestimated their scale. They are gigantic! The underside of the hull is being primed. Note that one planking streak is missing, the guide explained it with a very simple reason - the gap between frames is very handy when throwing away sawdust / garbage / etc. Obligatory selfie. Daria was excited to visit the ship: Quarter galleries, very hard to photo from the inside - they are very tight: Wooden plugs for the deck: Clamps: Fitting the scuppers: At the highest point of the hull: The model, unfortunately the modelling workshop was locked, so I tried to peek into it through the window. A lot of reflections, but better than nothing. Oak is a very strange wood for this scale... A very strange building, the guide says their workshop would be there once the Poltava reconstruction would be completed. This building floats on a concrete pontoon. New Gazprom headquarters, located right next to the replica. Gazprom is also the main sponsor of the project, covering most of the cost, helping with regulations, materials, logistics, etc. The building is the first skyscraper in the city, is mostly hated by the locals (as is tradition), and is called "The Corn Cob"
  4. Totally agree re knife, but secondary bevels are typically for chisels and plane blades - they have a larger contact surface when sharpening. And there are way too many sharpening methods, all of them yielding a similar quality results So many personal preferences!
  5. That is what the jig is helping to solve. I have a simpler Veritas sharpening jig, but even a simpler version works perfectly. The sharpening time decreased significantly.
  6. It significantly reduces the surface that needs to be sharpened. Instead of a full surface of a blade contacting the sharpening stone, only a tiny strip in the front contacts it. Hence sharpening takes much less time. Rough sketch, red is the part that is actually sharpened and contacts the sharpening medium: Maybe there are more benefits.
  7. Is there anybody not on Chrome who can reproduce the problem?
  8. Few cents to collect more information: can't reproduce it in Safari 11.0.2
  9. pencil drill

    This pen drill is nice, but still too long for confined spaces (like inside the hull). Is there anything better than this ugly hack I was forced to make using the cheapest parts available? I am pretty sure that there are smaller motors available, and batteries could be wrapped around it, keeping the body short.
  10. Would be probably easier to keep them on the angle that they already have from the factory (since these are fancy chisels, chances are they are properly sharpened already), adding a secondary bevel of 2 degrees or so. Changing the angle will require to remove a lot of material, and the reason is unclear
  11. Same problem, but only for some posts. It also appears when scrolling and/or resizing the browser window - some comments not broken when I open the topic, but when I scroll up and down and resize the window - broken comments start to appear. Very weird, can't find a reliable way to reproduce it yet. Haven't noticed it on a previous weekend (3th Dec) Guess it is a classical nightmare of web developers OS X, Chrome 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) (64-bit), IPS Theme.