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  1. Found these: https://www.led1.de/shop/lng/en/solarox-highcri-power-led-strip-pro-ii-with-samsung-leds-warm-white-3000k-20cm.html Are they good? It is Samsung, not some noname thing. Though the CRI index is 85, not 95 (hope it is real CRI, not Chinese CRI index). Is that a big deal, or it should be ok?
  2. Yes, 95% of them are just cheap stuff from aliexpress and ebay, intended to be used in kitchen lighting and similar applixations. I need just one meter, but of museum quality, not a crappy leds.
  3. Looking for a high quality LED strip (for the display case). It should be dimmable and have a high CRI. I read some good reviews on this forum for FlexFire brand, but it seems to be impossible to get in Europe Would appreciate some recommendations for shops and brands in UK / Germany / anywhere in EU.
  4. I use IKEA's electric version (bekant), and super happy with it. They exist in two widths and also an L-shaped version: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00263218/ http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50263225/#/80263224 http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/60263220/ Smooth and stable. The only thing to keep in mind - I would not use a hammer / mallet on it, this can damage the mechanism.
  5. This is a true art! I love how they are not just "lighthouses on wood", but a piece where wood and a building on top of it blend together. You definitely have a great sense or proportions and artistic talent! Any "in progress" photos? What is the main material for the houses? Do you have any of them for sale?
  6. Lots of new photos in the social network groups of the project this month! Capstan: Deadeyes:
  7. Nice saw, but a very weird dust collection - air goes through a tiny slot and it is not efficient, lots of particles are thrown to the front of the saw. Mabe making a bigger inlet hole of it will solve the problem...
  8. There is definitely a market for benchtop air filters that could be just put on the back side of the workbench, pulling air through the filter. The main problem is getting a powerful enough, but quiet motors and propellers.
  9. It looks great and built in such a short timeframe! Looking forward for the next log, hope it would be full of interesting jigs, fixtures and methods. Sharing them is fun!
  10. Isn't it easier to use the disk sander for tapering?
  11. Small update: finally got around to replacing the stock ball bearings on the top wheel. Luckily they are a pretty standard size, so I ordered SKF 608-2RSL http://www.skf.com/group/products/bearings-units-housings/ball-bearings/deep-groove-ball-bearings/single-row-deep-groove-ball-bearings/deep-groove-ball-bearings/index.html?designation=608-2RSL Works like a charm! The nasty noise is gone! Should have done it from the very beginning, especially since these bearings are quite cheap (even SKF ones). Got fooled by Proxxon support who claimed that everything is fine and the bearings are fine, even after watching the video with the noise captured on it. Replacing the bearings was easy, no temperature fit required - just gently bump out the old bearings with a hammer, and squeeze in new ones using a clamp for the even pressure without any stress.
  12. Ugh? I bought it in Sweden for 160 USD (1500 SEK): http://www.clasohlson.com/se/Dammsugare-Bosch-GL-40-ProSilence-BGL4SIL69D/44-1868 It is not a super cheap vac, but it is definitely not THAT fancy Apparently, Bosch website do not offer any vacuum cleaners if you switch the region to US. Maybe it is sold under some different brand, who knows. And it is probably not the only silent vacuum available in the market nowadays. I didn't know that modern home vacs could be so quiet, most probably you can easily find something similar if looking for something with the "silence" or "quiet" in the name. This one specs 69db noise level, though it is probably on the max speed, and you really do not need the max speed most of the time.
  13. Finally got tired of tedious dust cleanups and ordered a pretty compact and very silent vacuum - Bosch GL-40 ProSilence. Real shop vacs are not an option for me - they are ungodly loud. I didn't know that modern vacs could be that quiet. It turned out to be very powerful and, at the same time, super quiet! When I connect it to my machines, the air flow itself is typically louder then the vac. Also fits Proxxon dust ports without any duct tape or adapters And even the lowest speed (that you can easily use while talking on the phone - it is that quiet) - it sucks pretty well for the table cleanup or smth like that. After using the disk sander with the vac - I wonder what took me so long to buy it... Now my wife makes fun of me for having three different vacs in one apartment (electrolux ergorapido in the kitchen for some quick cleanup, roomba for a proper weekly cleaning and now this one for my tools).