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Nearly new member saying hi!

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Hiya all,

            I signed up for NRG a couple of months ago, I was already 70% complete on my first wooden model, (Emma C. Berry, Model Shipways), hence no build log. I went in at the deep end after 6 months of plastic super hero figure modelling needing something more challenging. I had no idea how valuable the knowledge base was on this forum, but I am now a firm believer it is the only way to go. The latter portion of the Emma build was so much more fulfilling having such good reference logs to pour over.


 Being recently retired time is not an issue so I have just purchased my second model, the Chaperon, again from Model Shipways, I really like the service I have received from those guys.


A build log will follow as soon as Mr. Mailman has delivered my blue box, very excited for that.

Great hobby, great site, great modelling to all.



      All the best, Len.............


P.S. to Anja,

                 Rossi46 a.k.a. Emerson, I'm the one to blame for the weird name, I'm his dad!

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Hello Len and welcome aboard,


Thanks for introducing yourself to us.


I wish you a happy retirement filled with fun and happiness. And lots of model building of course.

When your Emma C. Berry is ready, please share some photos of her in the gallery.


I'm sure you and your son will have a great time here.


Good luck with your next build and I wish you smooth sailing and happy modelling.


Kind regards,


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