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  1. Welcome aboard, I'm sure you'll get a lot from the site. Cheers, Medic
  2. Hi all, This build has inspired me albeit I'm not sure I have the confidence to scratch build one. Can anyone provide advice on a good manufactured kit in the same vein that I could give a go. Cheers, Medic
  3. Welcome to the forum Jim. Cheers, Medic
  4. Ok so to model a well kept cannon in good working order I should paint as suggested above. What about the smaller things such as chain link and metal strappings? Cheers, Medic
  5. Hi all, Albeit I'm yet to complete a project/quite new, I was a little surprised to read through the threads and see such a high volume of modellers advising about painting the cannons. I come from an armour and resin figure back ground an have certainly used and like both Tamiya and Vallejo paints. But if the cannons are metal (brass or other) I was of the belief or misconception as the case may be that a patina was more appropriate. Cheers, Medic
  6. I for one will be very disappointed if this is as good as it gets................... don't kill the dream. Cheers, Medic
  7. Was a soldier for 20 years, now a regional manager in aged care. I suppose I'll do that for the next 14 years and then retire. Ain't life grand. Cheers, Medic
  8. Ulladulla NSW 35 humid, windy and crappy. Cheers, Medic
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