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  1. Hi Don, back to work on Stefano, made a decision to forego the copper plating below water line and have used 5x1 mm walnut, it looks really good. Have copper plates on last build, Diana, and its a lot of work but worth, thought I would go a different route on this vessel. Looking very much forward to your working on the stern, particularly the grating and how you handle it, also having a little trouble trying to figure out the sequence and build properties of the foredeck. Will also be ordering the stanchions for aft cabin as I have no confidence in shaping or even cutting them all the same length. Robert...........
  2. Hi Don, had to come in out of the heat in southern CA. to read up on your excellent progress. Do not have the ship plans etc. with me but would like to know what you used for the centre strip of the deck. Have decided to follow original instructions and use supplied .5 beech for the hull, that said am seriously contemplating using the walnut 1.0 for deck and use a clear finish. Also, looks like you have painted the inside of the upper hull, do you recommend finishing deck work before plating the hull. Thank you for your time and well taken advice, Robert.
  3. Hi Don, Robert here, left the workshop for a couple of months in southern California, could not find the snow shovel. Have couple of thoughts for you, need advice for the newbie. Considering using 1ml planking for upper section of Stefano, and staining the wood, which I have and is walnut. Why is it necessary to double plank the section below water line for copper, would the first planking not sufficient? Having completed the first planking, will follow your progress closely from down here, most interested when you start work on deck level as this is where I am sure to run into trouble. Will look forward to your expertise and excellent detail photos. Robert
  4. Hi Don, as I mentioned working on Stefano planking, 1st planking, found that I have to use a wood filler on certain areas, ok quite a few areas, using CA glue for planking and have found difficulty in finding a filler that CA glue will bond to. Any suggestions ?? Robert Agassiz BC
  5. Hi Don, thank very much for replying to my query, yes I have the kit and have progressed as far as frame and am ready to start planking, should be able to get through planking but after that look forward to some expert assistance, took two years of my eighty to complete Diana, but was well worth it. I am sure you are well aware that such sharing of the progress you make on build logs is of" extreme" value to beginners. Without doubt there are many like myself who may not always contribute but follow with regularity. Will keep an eye on Stefano log and will undoubtedly have some questions to ask of you. Robert
  6. Hi Don, always admire work of a master. Zoran said you were working on Stefano. Just completed Caldercraft Diana, have to say without the build logs for Diana it would have been a nightmare, newbie here and just learning the ropes. Hoping to see more of your log on Stefano as I rely quite a bit on an actual build log, answers a lot of questions when you can see it being built by a craftsman and shared with others who need assistance. Will look forward to your working on Stefano and posting your progress, it is very much appreciated, thankyou. Robert British Columbia
  7. Kevin, anyone,any suggestions on how to paint the Bismarck hull with out an airbrush, do not have one and cannot justify the purchase just to paint the hull, normally work with all wood ships, I know,"you can't live without it" is coming but have no interest in buying one. trebor

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