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HMS Victory 1805 by pompey2 - FINISHED - Caldercraft - 1:72

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Hi All


Well this gets the first thing done, raising a new topic.

This was already a topic before site problems so now i need to dig out the photos and repost.

Having the subject there will hopefully pressurise me to get that done.

The model has been some years in build, the hull is pretty much all done.

Masts built and kitted out, most yards and spars turned at least.

Next big job is shipping the masts and getting to grips with miles of ratlines.

I will select a few appropriate photos of previous progress and take it from there.



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Bulkheads in place


Then gunport patterns added


First planking finished and shaped


The model is rigged with led lighting internally and in the ships lanterns

This is the control circuit board being buried in the bowels.

I will run fine wires out to a small mains transformer.


An early test that leds at the foot of stairwell are aligned correctly.

The wells are simulated with masking tape.


Second planking complete.


Upper gun deck planked and internal bulkheads in place.

Gun ports lined.


Main painting now done.


Copper plating coampleted.


Example of on of the guns before rigging.


That all makes it look very quick, believe me it wasn't.

I will be slowing down greatly when I get up to date.

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Welcome home, mate.


The photos you have posted do her justice and certainly reflect the time and effort you have already invested.  I'll be dropping by as HMS Victory is, perhaps, my favorite subject.


Looking forward to continued progress and your interactions on MSW 2.0.

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Yep welcome back

And the return of another caldercraft victory!! And a cracking build. I certainly look forward to the continuation of your build, as I am sure many others will. Regards DAVID

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Hi All


Thanks for the replies, happy to be back.

A special Hi to Rob, I have been looking through your log, great reading. You sure are making a fine job of that model. Nice to catch up.

So here is another batch of photos,, again all historic probably brings me up to date with the last time I posted.






Upper gun deck with guns now in place.

Sorry about the big differences in photo quality, never was my strong point


Details added to UGD including some gun adornments of my own (info from the restored actual Victory)post-4201-0-93938700-1370263543_thumb.jpg

Waist - Q Deck going into place- bits,companionways and skid beams etc added first.


Now have Q Deck level planking done, internal bulkheads in place and painted, painting of the upper externals etc.

Had to tape over the various deck cut out - have you noticed that if you ever drop something it ALWAYS drops through an empty cut out. And then holding a delicate model overhead and upside down is definately not the best proposal.


Plenty of time now been put in on the sharp end. Beakhead Bulkhead & capping, Roundhouses, figurehead, grating et. nearing completion. Still some finishing to be done.


The screens, binnacle, wheel prepared. Quarterdeck guns placed.


Lots of detail work required on the stern but pleased with the results. Note wires left hanging that will eventually run to the three ships lanterns. I have part fabricated them in preparation, managed to find a thin wall brass tube the the wires will just run through. i won't fit till much later as the will be so so easy to damage (you can just see in happening)


Channels being prepared with dead eyes etc.


And the Entry port painting done.

Next thing, lots of work on the sides, more photo's to follow.

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Cats Heads made up ready for fitting (good fun these)


Stbd Quarter Galleries done.

Very tricky getting them shaped and kept in place whilst gluing.


Details of Poop


And of Quarterdeck


A couple of the Anchors, before and after puddening


Those gun ports seem to go on for ever.


Attaching just one of many of the brass profiles.

A great indicator of the kit quality I think.


Starting to place the side steps.


Rudder comming on


Starbourd side details, steps, entry port, etc done. Gunport lids, false barrels and channels to go yet.

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Dummy Barrels dry fitted, you wouldn't want to be facing the angry end of that lot would you!


Starting work on the port lids


Front chanel and chain plates done.


Side steps finished and needing some paint, sorry a bit out of sequence.


Gun ports fitted and rigged, dummy barrels in.


Starboard pretty much finished.

It's great to reach a stage like this.

Sit back, pat yourself on the back.

Then remember that a ship has two sides.


Completed the ships boats for a bit of something different.

I'm afraid I didn't capture any progress on them.


Here's the Pinnace


And the Barge




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Thought I should stick the name on.


Bird's eye view


Dolphins view


Shipd boats placed in place to see how they fit.


And same again.

Thats it for now.

I'm a couple of months further on now but need to be taking some new photo's.

I have been working on masts and spars and also hammock netting.

I will get some updates uploaded when I have a moment.

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Well it looks like we are in for a treat. Yep it is truly excellent. Keep enjoying it. I am also on with the masts, it's a good place to be, but gave the netting a miss for now. I will come back to it later as a break. Regards DAVID

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Lookin' awesome Pompey. You've been busy! I put mine on hold for a while. Got really busy. Have been back at it now though. You have to post a picture of her when you have the interior lights on. I only wish I could have been as neat and tidy as your interior. Decks look splendid! Figure I'm on the copper plates for the summer at the rate I'm going. Am very slow at them but, as I said to myself during planking... "one plank at a time"... well now I go "five plates at a time". :) All the best to you Nick! Lookin forward to the next posts. 

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So, the next batch of photo's will bring me up to date.

Happy to say that the Hull is now complete, at least everything apart from some items to be left to very last thing.

Here it is in current state.




I sourced a nice piece of Walnut to use as a base and turned three brass pillars for attachment.



Bows including some pre-rigging.



Stern with wiring for lanterns left hanging for now.



Rudder with chains.




View down onto Quarterdeck



And onto Waist




And Forecastle


And along full decking.


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To continue, some close ups.








I decided to include the Poop deck baracades.

They look a little out of place in my opinion and I know some makers leave them out.

But I opted to be true to the Trafalger build.



I also decided the extra effort to weave my own hammock nettings would be worthwhile.

Although this was quite time consuming and tedious I'm very pleased I did.




(still a little more to come)

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Finally my recent work.



I have finished turning/shaping all the masts.

They are all assembled and painted.




Main and Fore masts prepared with rigging etc.




Dry fitting all the masts to the Hull

Starts to give a good impression of how big the finished model will be.

Now where could I possibly show it, hmmmm, might have to move house.



Another view with masts shipped.

Finally I am now making up the Shrouds with a deadeye at one end in preparation.



I have made up this litte fixture to allow me to put in three small seizings.



Here's a finished one.


That's it for now, enjoy




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Great work on the hammock netting Nick, they look fabulous!

Edited by gjdale

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Welcome back

Wonderful , yep this is a cracking build. The netting is very good and I have not fitted any yet. You are ahead of me, and now I have some one to follow, which is very helpful for myself. Thanks a lot for reposting. Keep enjoying it. DAVID

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She is looking awesome! How many horizontal rows of copper tiles did you place from the waterline down? Is it four Nick?  Or is it none? I can't tell from the photos. Am I misinterpreting the concept of horizontal tiles from the waterline down?  I only hope mine turns out as sweet as your build. Hey, I survived the flood -- can't wait for snow.... LOL.... Good thing my Victory wasn't ready for launch! LOL....

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Truly inspirational while daunting at the same time. Prime examples for us relative beginners.

Cheers, Harley

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This is a beautiful build of a beautiful ship.  Congratulations - you must be very proud of her!  There is one thing I've noticed - and I'm really sorry about this - but on the stern, you appear to have transposed the two acanthus leaf(?) decorative swirls situated at either end of the windows to the cabin on the quarter deck.  I've thought long and hard about raising this but the quality of what you've done and the attention to detail you've shown suggests its the kind of thing you would wish to attend to? 

I hope I'm not wrong!!! - if I am - I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!


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You are dead right, that was a good spot.

I recall at the time I found it difficult to get the castings to fit correctly and tried all variations.

Not sure now if I opted to go for the one that fitted but was wrong or just missed the completely obvious.

Oh well, theres another thing to sort out





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