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  1. I purchased the plans from this site http://www.modelshipbuilder.com/page.php?87 as well as i printed the Practicum.  Check it out, the practicum is Great. 

    I too started to build this model some time ago but it came to a halt after reading the discrepancy in number of frames.  Also, i was not happy with the choice of wood that i used, it was too soft. 

    As of right now Its on hold until my HMS Fly is completed. 


  2. Here's something interesting regarding Bluenose II. According to this book Bluenose II has 63 frames spaced at 21.5" OC. 

    I had a look at my drawings that i have and they indicate 58 frames as well for Bluenose.


    Great work so far.

    Cheers Jerry




  3. Hello, 


    After organizing my hobby room I have decided to part with this set of prints.

    I acquired these plans few years back. The plans are missing the original PL.4, but I do have the page printed.

    The are total of 26 detailed pages.


    I have no idea how much to ask for these, I'm open to offers.

    Shipping is from Ontario, Canada. 


    Thanks, Jerry





  4. Hi Mark, Back in the day when I flew RC I was part of RCCanada.ca. They have a great feedback system. When you click on a user profile you can see and read all the feedback that was entered. When I click on your profile I don't see any indication on your past transaction, don't see your feedback. Am i missing something?

    Thanks, Jerry

  5. Hello,


    I am wondering why we don't have any feedback for the transactions that take place on this site. I feel it would be valuable for the buyer/seller to know who they are dealing with. 

    Maybe then we would see more stuff come up for sale. 


    Cheers, Jerry   

  6. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the interest. I had couple other interested but their shipping ended up being too expensive. You are the closest so far but your shipping is still $35 USD using Canada Post (from N0G-2S0 for 12"X 9"X 11" - 18 lbs package). 

    As for payment I would prefer EMT. I do have PayPal as last resort (they charge fee's).




  7. Thanks for the comment and the likes.

    Dave - I am finding that i'm spending more time building now then before. By having this desk in the rec room I feel more included then isolated building in the the utility room. It's nice to be able to hangout with my wife and kids and still do your own thing. Plus it's nice to have natural light peek in too.  I do still have utility room space set up which i use for more of the dirtier work.  

    The carpet does cause a problem. Last week I dropped a carriage wheel and it took me like 10 minutes to find it, lol.

    I wasn't sure what to do with the top so I recently ordered a 24"X 36" self cutting mat. Should protect it some what.

    Originally I was thinking of getting handles for the drawers but now i hate to drill holes in them. Another idea I thought was to router the ends, but not sure if its possible now. The way they open is to grab them on the edges and pull, no special hardware. They do open easily. 

    The desk came in three pieces and each piece is quite heavy. The top is screwed to each end from underneath and its free standing. The top is 30" X 60" X 1 7/8" thick. And the drawers inside dimensions are 12 1/2" X 25 1/2" and vary in depth from 1 3/4" to 8" deep. The desk is super stable even with all the drawers fully open.



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