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HMS PEGASUS by giampieroricci - Scale 1:36 - Swan-Class Sloop from plans by David Antscherl & Greg Herbert

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As I had anticipated, I started a new challenge: the construction of an English frigate, with a carpentry that, until now, I had never approached. Very fascinating architecture, and a model, the Pegasus that struck me immediately, already from the first splendid images seen here on MSW. I am studying a lot, because I would like to be able to come up with a model that is worthy of the great work done by David Antscherl and Greg Herbert and I count a lot on your help and support!


Meanwhile, I started setting up the first job:











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7 hours ago, dvm27 said:

With a tabled scarph joint you've already jumped to the head of the pack! This is a great scale to include every detail and I look forward to your build.

Thanks Greg!
It is an honor for me to know that you will follow my job!
I hope you don't deny me your valuable advice and your help in this work that for me is new, and my knowledge is still limited!

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8 hours ago, dvm27 said:

If you don't screw up at least one of those mortises over the course of framing the hull...I'm going to hate you. Getting a fair line was the most challenging part of the build for me.


I am undecided whether to continue in this way, as David also suggests in his book, or open the gunboats after fixing all the frames. I wanted to try with the ventilation door .....

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BELLO!!!!   Cutting the mortises for the gun port sills as you go and having them aligned perfectly is beyond what us mere mortals can achieve.   For most of us it is best to raise the frames, then mark out and cut the ports.   I am anxious to see if you decide to make them as you go and how these turn out and hopefully we can all say, "see, it CAN be done!"    

Ciao amico


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Thank you, Allan and Glenn, and for all your likes!

The work seems to be going well, even for all the measurements that I look at at least three times before operating ....
I have finished the arrangement of the fore cant frames. The arrangement of the fore cant frame n. 11 is very particular because it has a cast timber:

















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Beautiful work! For some reason I had a lot of trouble with the foremost full frame (L fore) faying in perfectly with the aft most fore cant 12. I had to remake it several times. I might suggest you temporarily affix the fore cant 12 (two small pinpoints of white glue can easily be dissolved with alcohol later) then seeing how the frame L fore fits on your model.

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