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  1. Thanks. That was my opinion as well.
  2. I'm working on the running rigging of the Constitution using the Bluejacket plans as the basis of the belaying, along with the diagrams in AOTS. Many lines, especially for the sails, are belayed to tops. Where? To the rails? To cleats? Where are the cleats - on the rails? The deck of the top? Or to cleats seized to the shrouds? Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Low 40's (8 C) this morning in Southern Florida. Lowest I've seen here in my 2 1/2 years. Bright and sunny though. The newspapers are warning us to watch out for iguanas falling out of trees! Back to the mid-70's (24 C) tomorrow.
  4. 26 deg C (78 deg F) here in sunny Florida with a slight breeze. It will go up another degree or two before the day is over. Bill
  5. These- Kiss nail files. Cheap at Amazon, expensive in the drug store. Four different grits. Nothing better for plastic. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00I9JCD8G/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. I've done it by hand many times. Shrouds, stays, etc. It's not that hard to keep the serving uniform. Stretch the rope taut between two vises or similar, keep the rope and the serving line damp with diluted white glue and wrap it around. Try it before you buy the serving machine. You have nothing to lose except some time. Works for lines around 12" long or less otherwise the serving line gets tangled around things and attracts the attention of the cat...
  7. It's 10:19 PM here in Boynton Beach Florida. 77 degrees F (25C) and clear. Tomorrow mostly sunny, high of 84 F (29 C). Almost winter! I was up in NYC for Thanksgiving weekend last week and had to brush 3" of snow off of the rental car on Tuesday morning.
  8. In Ft Lauderdale Florida last week at a "Day of the Dead" festival. I don't know why...
  9. If you have the time take the Long Island Railroad (Huntington Line) from Penn Station to Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum in Cold Spring Harbor.- 1 hour away plus an Uber or cab. Great museum in a town on Long Island Sound.
  10. Well, it got to 83, sunny and a bit of a breeze here in Boynton Beach Florida. Played tennis this morning. Right now (10 PM) it's about 74. I know, it's tough...
  11. I did mine with Bare-Metal Foil (brand name) copper. Very thin, all the surface detail shows through when burnished down. Buy a pack and try it.
  12. 1. Open up the hole in the block with a #80 or #79 drill. 2. Dip the end of the rigging line in thin CA (super) glue. Just about 1/4" or so to stiffen it. 3. Cut the end of the line at an angle to form a point. 4. It should go right into the block. If it won't the line is the wrong size. For instance, at 1/96 scale a 2mm block is about 8". The hole resulting from a #80 drill will accommodate a 3-4" c line in 1/96th scale which is about right.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/100PCS-Grommets-Eyelets-Clothes-Leather/dp/B07JNDSNJM/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1548553608&sr=8-4&keywords=2mm%2Bgrommets&th=1 100 2mm grommets plus tool for about $12. They also have 1.5mm ones. Amazon is your friend.

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