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  1. I use lead tape sourced from the tape sold to add weight to tennis racquets. Amazon sells it. Can be burnished to make it thinner, easy to bend and stays the way you bent it, has a bit more strength than paper or masking tape.
  2. I used this from Amazon for my sails. It worked great. It may be available in France. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001KZH21E/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Nicest time of the year here on the East coast of Southern Florida. At 9:30 AM here it's 73 F, going up to 80 F. Sunny, slight breeze. Hasn't rained in three weeks or so. Bye now, off to play tennis!
  4. It's a common error of decimals and percentages in non-math oriented contexts. I remember seeing candy, years ago, priced at .1 cent which is a lot different than 1 cent. "Here's a penny, I'd like ten please!"
  5. How do you get 49"? If he diameter of the mast is 30" 16% of that is roughly 5" (diameter). Am I in error?
  6. Or, more simply, the circumference of the main stay is 1/2 diameter of the main mast at the deck. (Watch the diameter/circumference. Any period documentation of rope sizes are talking about circumference, which is easy to directly measure vs. diameter which is not (or requires dividing by pi)).
  7. That's the error I noted some time ago in Montfeld. It's not .166% of the main mast at the deck (0.00166 x 30=0.0498") it's 16.6% of the main mast diameter at the deck (.166 x 30 = 4.98"). Big difference.
  8. Just to add my two cents. I've been using Chuck's blocks on my 1/96 Connie for a couple of years. I just bought a 1/48 Fair American kit from a member here (for $100!) as my next project in six months or so. I bought enough blocks for that, including sails and gun tackle. No hoarding.
  9. I restored a model very similar to this many years ago for a cousin of mine. What I remember most is that it was rigged with human hair!
  10. I use the blocks from Syren which are boxwood and have successfully stained them with Minwax stains (dark walnut) or tube oil colors (raw umber or burnt umber) thinned somewhat with turpentine or turpenoid (less smelly).
  11. Have you checked the offending bulkheads against the plans to see where the discrepancy in shape is? This will tell you what the proper remedy is, to sand the bottom or raise them up and sand the tops I think.
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