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  1. Finally got round to getting my photos off the camera, so a couple of updates Added the false decking. It did not line up that well once set, I guess it slipped a bit, so I needed to re pad the bow fillers. for the bulwarks I made a little jig to clamp them to for pre bending which seemed to work quite well. I think I copied this from Vossie. So bulwarks glued on As I said previously planking to do. A bank holiday weekend coming up so I think I'll make a start.
  2. Hi, I have done a bit, put on the false decking and the bulwarks. I did have a bit of a problem I had filed down my fillers a bit to much so had to apply filler to pad out. Been a bit busy with sunshine and golf but studying the planking. Been reading various blogs, measuring bulkheads and planning but I think I just need to have a go, experience counts. I don't want to get scared off by how well some people do the job. I need to fail to succeed, it is my first model.
  3. Hi Vossiewulf, I've been following your build log and I think some of the things you are doing are a bit advanced for me. But I'm looking forward to your second planking layer.
  4. Ok it's been a while but have made a some progress on the bulkhead fillers. I've only done the first two and last two, not sure if I need to do the 3rd's. For my first piece of carving I'm quite pleased, but if you see anything wrong please let me know. So I guess next is to glue down the false decking and add the Prow and the Keel, might leave the Rudder Post off until I've done the first layer of planking.
  5. Thanks Patrick, I have your build log on my follow list. I noticed you put the deck on before doing the fillers, would it be easier to do them before the deck is in place ?
  6. Well I've started removing wood and the beveling of the bulkheads. I've done the front and back 3. I think they may need a bit more, but I was thinking may be glue them in place first, as I want to fill between stem and bulkhead 2 and between 9 and 10, so I can get a better angle (SimonD has a very nice example of filled bulkheads). I have tested with a plank for fit but having never done this before I can't be to sure of flow of the plank. Also not sure whether to do a rabbit or not, there seems to be mixed reports on this one with the keel becoming very thin. I'm interest in any advice.
  7. Christmas is over and the New Year has started so time to make a start on the Lady Nelson. I took the bulkheads off the sheet and tidied the edges and did a dry fitting and found that a few sat a bit lower than the top of the false keel. Having read a few blogs I saw that adding a small bit of card was a simple way to raise them, so I did that first and that brought them in line. I then found that the bulkheads were loose and could rock side wards so I was worried that they may not glue in place horizontially so I added more padding on the sides to make them a tighter fit. I've not glued them in place yet, I'm going to bevel them first. That's coming next....
  8. Hi, The keel clamp shot at the begin is the clipper ship I started 25 years ago not the Lady Nelson so hence no bulkhead tops. Hopefully will be starting on the model soon.
  9. Thanks Rick, nice to know I've got all the parts. I guess you use a piece of dowelling in the stand posts to go into the keel to fix it.
  10. Hi, I've done a parts check and I've a couple of questions for those who have built the Lady Nelson. 1 the parts list has 3 gratings but I do not seem to have them. There is a bag of parts which look like they would make the gratings thou so is this bag the gratings? 2 the brass stand posts have a hole through them but should there be bolts or screws which go through these holes? Thanks for any help Mark
  11. Hi, I bought a model 25 years ago, the Baltimore Clipper Sidmouth 1815 by Constructo. Started on the keel, bulkheads and false deck and then got stuck. Having no internet in those days that was the end, but I was good and kept everything in theirs packets. So hopefully have not done to much damage and will be able to finish it later. So I realised that the model was to difficult for me and having read information here decided to start on a easier model, the Lady Nelson which I do like the look of. So I've bought the various tools and model and starting my build log, as I know I'm going to need help. I also had an attempt at building my own keel clamp, which after a couple of modification seems to work. Now time to read the instructions, study the plans and look at few build logs and we're off.....

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