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  1. I've used knives, mainly one (with which I felt more confident), and a rotary tool for "wider" areas. Thanks.
  2. I appreciate all the suggestions. I'll try to fix some irregularities on the third wale. Hubac, Druxey, thank you very much for your help.
  3. After a long time, some updates: I've installed the upper wales and then I've cut all upper parts of frames. I've also finished the upper part of the stern.
  4. I never tire of watching your splendid work. By the way, Do you use a rope making machine? (excuse me if this question was asked before)
  5. It's a really neat work. On the other hand, Congratulations on your recently fatherhood!
  6. Thank you very much everyone for the "likes" and kind comments. Yes, Cabrapente, I hope to continue with this marvelous hobby when I'm retired. By now, I can only devote to it very little time due to my job.
  7. clean and tidy as usual! It is a pleasure to watch your work.
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