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  1. Robert, what a fantastic result. It looks so realistic and neatly worked. I really don't know, what I like more: yours or mine :-)))) (I am joking... I like both!) Happy new year to you and your family !!!
  2. Hello dear friends! Not really an update - more the chance to wish you all the best for the coming year. It was crazy! Hopefully next year everything will be back to normal soon! As you can see, I started shrouding the main mast over Christmas. Of course I ran out of yarn on the last shroud. Now I have to order new one first. I started building my Victory 7 years ago in December 2013. That's why I always get a little nostalgic during the Christmas season. Also today I looked back and found a photo that was taken yesterday 7 years ago. I never thought that I'm
  3. Paul, I would also like to have such a set of flags. This is amazing! Heinz
  4. Hello Robert, I had the same problems. At first I didn't know where I could get a suitable network from. I tried fly screens and looked for fabrics. I didn't like anything. So I tried to see if I could knit, hackle or knot a net myself. And doing it myself worked very well. However, it was a lot of work. Just like everything else on the model. But now I'm happy that I don't have any plastic on the ship. I did the fastening of the net just like you did. If I see that correctly. I "sewed" it in over the stretched cord. Looks good and holds up well. Heinz
  5. Hello Robert, wonderful work! Congratulation! Very clean, down to the smallest detail! And thanks for the photos. They will serve as a template for me 🙂 Best to you! -Heinz-
  6. RKWZ and Sea Hoss: thank you very much for the great compliments. Building is twice as much fun with you! Thank you! -Heinz-
  7. Hello friends! Time for a new update and some new pictures I have made today. I have a few free days and started with the main mast. As you know, I don't use the wood from the model kit, but only my own wood. As always, my first attempt failed, so I had to start again. I also hat to tie the net twice. Now the lower section is done and I am quite happy with the result! At least I took a new picture of the rear of my victory, using the "portrait-function" on my iPhone. I like it 🙂 Best to all of you and a happy pre-christmas-time!!! -Heinz-
  8. I have to apologize. I forgot to post the promised photos ... As you can see, there is not much progress. But there will be times when I will work more on my Victory ... I promise! Have a nice Sunday everyone! Heinz
  9. Thank you! All is well!! It´s just a matter of time. I found a nice woman. She is from Thailand. We plan to move to Thailand sometime when we are financially independent. Until then, I'll try to learn the language and have signed up for a language school. It is very difficult and takes a lot of time. But that's life... I will take some actual photos of my Victory afterwards. Then you see that unfortunately not very much progress ... Best -Heinz-
  10. Hi Dean, Thank you for your kind compliment. My rigging drawing? I work with the Jotika kit (Caldercraft). All plans are included here. I just use different materials to build my Victory. That's all! Best -Heinz-
  11. Hello Joseph Ford, sorry, I just saw your question. Unfortunately I don't understand it. What do you mean by "status of this ship model"? Of course it is still under construction. And unfortunately there is no end in sight, as the following work is new territory for me. I have never rigged a model. And I'm having trouble understanding the plans. So it will take me a lot of time ... Did I answered your question? Thanks for your compliment! You´re welcome! Heinz
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