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  1. Though you don't see yourself as a machinist you are a critical thinker who can solve a problem . As you have others you are in awe of , I imagine others in awe of your accomplishment with this model. Your work is amazing. All from the keel up.
  2. Marslav There are many creative individuals on this forum but among them are those that exist at the highest level of ability and craftsmanship. Amazing.
  3. Thank you for your thread on this kit. I'm working on my own ECB and will be referring to your build to help me along. Regards and healthy 2021 Rick
  4. Having just finished cleaning up and organizing frames I'm currently working on cutting rabbet . As part of this work I have glued two frames and dry fit them in place . The are helping me visualize how the rabbet needs to be cut. Interesting how fragile these frames seem as they now stand but the laying on of timber such as beams and planking will make for a sturdy craft. Regards Rick
  5. My sketch shows that the angle of the rabbet changes as Maurys mentioned ( I also noticed rabbet cut information on drawings) . As this is the case , since the frames are not in place, do I need to make paper templates of frames to rest along keel to help verify angle of rabbet cut that will receive plank? Thank you all for your input. Rick
  6. I would like some help with rabbet. Would forum members please post photos of tools they use for this task. Also, is this task done before lofting of frames. Thank you. Rick
  7. David Yes. Keeping everything organized. Through my viewing of other member entries I adapt aspects of what has worked for them.
  8. As a transition from POB to POF I've selected Emma C Berry. Photo shows August progress. String to run at centerline during frame lofting. Level at front used to verify level of building board, the table building board sits on during work and for lofting of frames .
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