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  1. Going way off base here but.....back in post 32 ( your horsrs ). I grew up round Quarterhorses but age has done a number on the old memory. What do you call the color on the red/brown one ? Now for serious business...your little boat is spectatular. First time John and my pocketbook agree I'm buying it. I hope to build it with masts and rigging. Have you considered that ? Dwight
  2. Does anyone have an idea where I can get a copy of Taubman's plans for the USS Confederancy. I planing to buy the kit from MS and want to complete the masts and rigging
  3. But has anyone actually used one ? You can say it belongs to your rich cousin to avoid redicule.
  4. Has anyone had any experience with the Woodcutter S . I first saw it on facebook , then saw it in the Micro_Mark catalog. If what I've read this tool could make a hugh difference for modelers of all types. It's expensive so I don't want to buy one blind. Stay healthy , Dwight
  5. So you tried to grab the mouse by the nose instead of the tail. Looks good after you flipped him over. Remember always grab the mouse by the tail. That was just plain silly.
  6. Wow ! I've been thinking of doing the Confederancy but don't like the unfinished look without masts and rigging. I found a place thet sells plans for Confederancy with all the rigging. They are 1/98 th but that shouldn't be to big a problem. I'll look them up for you if you're interested.
  7. Looks great. The Lauck Street Shipyard "book" was a waste of money , Almost as confusing as the instructions that came with the model
  8. Thanks Pete , I figured it out myself. Sorry to interrupt. I used the jaws of my caliper as the two straightedges and a pr of needle nose to twist them. BTW , your Fair America looks great !!
  9. Pete , Please forgive me but I'd like you to expand on post #16 where you " adjusted " the windows to fit the curve of the planking. I'm assuming you simply twisted the frames using the straight edges to hold them in place then pushed on one corner with something to get them to deforme. Is this the idea or am I way out in left field ?
  10. Got the running rigging done as well. Can't really think of anything else to do so I guess it's done. Now to start " Fair America ". Thanks for all the likes.
  11. Got the practicum yesterday. It's on a DVD so it's kinda hard to use. I'm not even close to the rigging part yet. If I find anything that covers the bowsprint I'll let you know.
  12. Looking great ! I just ordered the Luck Street Shipyard practicum. I'll let you know what it looks like when I get it.
  13. Got the shrouds and ratlines done. This is my first time for shrouds/ratlines and it was a monster task for about the first 60 %. Then it started getting easier and neater.
  14. Abelson , this log sure makes the awful instructions a lot easier to follow. Keep it up ! Your build looks great !
  15. Well I've been working and making myself crazy. I got the mast and thee bow sprint installed and they seem to be straight. Then I started on the standing rigging. I left the shrouds and ratlines till "last" partly out of abject fear and partly so I could work from the inside out.
  16. You might consider your local library. Maybe on extended loan so you can get it back when you have more space.
  17. Finally got the cannons done. Not real pretty but I've decided this Sloop has seen some action. These are Chucks guns and were easy to assemble but a real bear for my shaky hands to rig and install.
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