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  1. A little bit of window joinery Without "glass": And with "glass": "Glass" was made of thin, transparent foil used to package laser cut parts and after gluing and some masking sprayed with glossy acrylic lacquer. Currently I'am preparing to close stern cabin with side windows and deck. I've made small error while fitting middle horizontal part but this little sin will be hidden with sides.
  2. As bigpetr said, soaking is the way to go, especially with this kind of card form which laser cut parts are made (it goes by the name beermat here). CA glue is OK if you don't care about potential discoloration (which is fine for frames) and if you are not allergic to its fumes. Since I am allergic I've decided to try something different and I soaked through all laser cut parts in a can of nitro lacquer. It is not as hard as with CA so it is easier to sand but nitro helps keep its structure. I've also painted all printed parts with two layers of nitro. I use 180 grit sandpaper and miniscule am
  3. Time for another update. At first I've glued almost all parts of first layer of skin, leaving only last piece covering stern. After that it was time to roughly shape up stern cabin. Doors happened to be a little to large and needed slight trimming. Current progress
  4. Small update, quarterdeck and first layer of main deck closed framing from the top. I've deviated a bit with build sequence from parts numbering and created first windows. I've also started to cover hull with first (of three) layer of skin.
  5. Hi. I've decided that it is time to end period of inactivity after finishing Allege and start new project. I've decided to try my skills at building card kit of Saettia, small transport vessel from Genoa, used from end of XIII until XVIII century in western parts of Mediterranean Sea. Kit was designed in 1:100 scale by Tomasz Weremko aka Seahorse and published by WAK issue 7-8/2015. This time I've decided to use laser cut frames. Since these parts are made of beermat cardstock, which is nice to cut with scalpel but awful when sanded with sandpaper (it is very soft), all parts
  6. This one was quite tricky in my build as well, I've had a bit of trouble fitting rudder under this piece.
  7. After nearly a year since I've started this build its finished. It was a pleasure to build and I am very happy with final outcome. Pictures of finished build in gallery below.
  8. 1. Before cutting any part I have treated all sheets of kit with nitro based varnish undercoat (Kapon Super from Polifarb Dębica, quite popular in card modellers community in Poland). I've used it straight from the can, with broad brush, one layer for each side, but in future projects I will probably coat only printed side. Varnish should soak into sheets, I try to rub it into sheets to avoid heavy brush traces (light ones are not a problem). Varnish helps prevent print from fading during work with parts but it has a couple of downsides. First it smells awfully so I can use it only in heavily
  9. Sails are from modelspan (or japanese paper - that is the exact transaltion of material that I've found at my local hobby shops). About modelspan/silkspan techniques of making sails I've learnt on this forum and just adapted to my needs. Ask away, I'll be happy to answer if I can
  10. Time for an update in this build log. I've managed to make shrouds. During tensioning unfortunetly one of the horizontal bars on sides came unglued which forced me to redo whole thing. Because of this setback I lost interest in the build for a couple of months. Finally recently I've managed to return to the build. For blocks instead of using kit parts I've aquired laser cut parts from Shipyard. All ropes are made with cotton thread, stained with acrylic paints and then treated with beeswax. Anchor cable made from 1mm cotton line also from Shipyard. Cargo was not included in the
  11. My kit had separate sheet with erratum which contained correctly printed plank (50L). For you it is too late, but for anybody that is willing to build this kit in the future and has erratum missing I suggest to contact WAK at modele@wak.pl.
  12. Here you are: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/21760-allege-darles-by-kondzik-wak-42016-1100-card
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