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  1. Well I’ve taken on board all the helpful comments I’ve received here and immersed myself in learning about bent wood. Following on from what gsdpic suggested and using Vossiwulf’s stylish method I’ve checked and rechecked my plank positions. Well the top two planks were different heights so I carefully removed one set and reglued them correctly. Then useing a planking fan I tick marked every second bulkhead. It still didn’t pan out so I measured and recorded the gaps on every bulkhead and found that I was considerably out on several positions. I was confident now about the t
  2. Ah, perhaps I should have read to the end of the thread BEFORE I emailed you asking if you intend to continue offering the kit. 🙂
  3. Oh, nothing since August last year, that’s a bit of a disappointment as I was looking forward to reading about the planking.
  4. I’ve just read your log from beginning to end and I’m just blown away by the sheer amount of work involved to get your model to where it is now. Did you (or your admiral) ever work out how those cherry strips mysteriously ended up in your online shopping basket.
  5. Ahhh! That’s a brilliant idea Vossiwulf, thanks for the picture and I’ll definitely have a go with that method.
  6. Thanks Gary, Todays job is to carefully measure the positions of all the planks and then formulate a plan of action. I will probably take the pragmatic view that no one (apart from you lot on here) will ever see and inspect it from underneath so visually the top six or seven planks each side are more important. I always knew this would be a learning experience and I’ve certainly learned that you can’t just stick a model boat together like you can a plastic kit.
  7. I was, in retrospect, quite casual about the symmetry on each side as I built it and obviously my chickens are now coming home to roost. I have always been impressed by the wooden ship models I’ve seen but now I have a whole new level of respect for the painstaking attention to detail and skill which is necessary to produce a quality ship model. It is so much more demanding than any plastic aeroplane kit. Would you happen to have a photo of your carbon fibre datum machine in action as I’m having trouble visualising how it would work?
  8. I could do with some advice if you’d all be so kind. I’ve been working through using tick marks on the bulkheads and as I found on the first bulkhead, the available space is approx half a plank less on the port side. I’ve checked the height of the planks on the gunwhale and they seem the same heights so my inaccuracies must be in the garboard planks. my question is this, is it better to reduce all the planks on the small side or try and sand the garboard area so the space to plank is the same as the starboard side?
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