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  1. Chuck. I like this link but I am really stuck. Pretty much at Step 1. I'd be much obliged if you'd help me get to step two. http://modelshipworldforum.com/resources/Framing_and_Planking/Lining Off your hull for planking.pdf I cut my tic strips. Then cut one exactly the length of my largest bulkhead, numbered it and the bulkhead, then made a tic mark (starting from the top) every 6mm (width of my planks). Then I transferred the tic marks to the bulk head. This is where I'm stuck. What do I do for the other bulkheads? Do I divide each bulkhead distance by the original number of planks (25)? Do I need to have all my tic marks on all the bulkheads prior to attaching my art tape?
  2. Chuck, I have been watching your planking videos and have read your tutorial "Lining Out", several times. I'm about to give it a go but have a question. The tick strips. Do you cut them yourself or are they some sort of self adhesive art supply? If it's a really dumb question, just ignore it and I'll fetch myself a pair of scissors and get to work. Ted
  3. Thanks Nika. However, at this stage I'm a man of simple, straightforward needs and rather meager skills. I have finally opted for using mahogany planks. As Bruce pointed out to me, the woods are very similar. With the added bonus of being readily and fairly cheaply available. Albeit, I had never thought of cutting my own planks from a larger sample. Thank you.
  4. Signed on a few months ago while searching for answers on the web during my first build, the just completed Dusek, Golden Hind. I was astonished by the level of skill and freely shared knowledge presented here on these forums. I'm a retired soldier living in beautiful east Tennessee with my wife and two schnauzers. I found the Golden Hind very challenging and frustrating at times but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I probably used enough wood to build two or three ships though. I'm a bit self conscious about the outcome but I'll post a picture of it anyway. I've just begun working on Constructo's Endeavor and I've begun planking. As this is a single planked hull and my second build, it's a bit daunting and I am proceeding very slowly and carefully. I have been watching Chucks outstanding planking videos and doing some reading. I think that many of the things I learned here and while building the Hind will make for a better ship this time around.
  5. Thank you Bruce. Not sure how this thread works, as I could not find a "Reply" option to your comment, other than the to give it a thumbs up. Is Mahogany a good working wood for single plank hulls?
  6. I'm rather new to this, having recently completed my first build, the HMS Golden Hind by Dusek. I've begun Constructo's HMS Endeavor. My issue with this company is over a couple of issues. Firstly, I make mistakes. A lot of mistakes. I correct them as I go along and although I'm neither reckless nor wasteful, I am apt to need more wood than is supplied. Fine, I buy more. Although Constructo provides pretty decent materials, their woods are quite exotic. The hull of this model is a single planking of 2mm x 6mm Sapelly. Not surprisingly, I 'd never heard of Sapelly. Unfortunately, neither has any supplier ANYWHERE. I should mention, it looks a lot like Walnut. Constructo is owned by Diset in Spain. I wrote them a letter in Spanish and mailed it off. A month later I received an email indicating that they would sell me wood but that postage might be very expensive. Don't care. I responded by placing an order for hull planking. Weeks went by and no response. Sent the email again. No response. Went to their website yesterday and submitted the same request via their contact form. An hour later I received a response. Due to vacations I may not receive a response to my inquiry until August 19th of next year. I immediately ordered a bundle of 2mm x 6mm Walnut planks elsewhere and went to my shop and began removing the eight or so Sapelly planks I had already installed on the hull. In contrast. While I was working on the Golden Hind and needed assistance, Daniel Dusek, answered my request for assistance (to my astonishment) from a hospital bed, while recovering from a terrible bicycle accident. Two entirely opposite end of the same spectrum and a lesson learned. Constrocto is in the business of selling models. Need an additional part for that model..... buy a spare model.

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