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  1. Very nice work sofar, she'll be a beautiful example once completed! I love the deck pattern on the Terror, such a beautiful and historically important ship.
  2. Started the planking with watered down wood glue and it's working beautifully, especially with the pencil simulating the caulking. Only got a few planks on and cured but I can already see a huge difference from my first attempt. Hard to tell in the picture with all the measurements, but once done and varnished it'll be awsome.
  3. Deck did go back on, filled and sanded. Got the foredeck's plank pattern penciled on.
  4. Thanks for the replies gentlemen, I almost lost faith in my build log, I had lots of reservations starting this up and almost stop after seeing my first post... felt rather silly/embarrassed. The wife has taken it upon herself to push me to keep posting believing it therapeutic I think hehe. I find comfort in your posts, I was thinking of using watered down wood glue as Louie mentionedand now that's what I'll go ahead with knowing I'm not messing up a second time. That goof off is nasty, your right Backer, I only had to use the stuff once to remove the decks and the contact cement will be collecting dust for the time being. As I was contemplating on the deck and the best course of action, I started with some deck fittings. The stern cabin will be perfect to try and see how the decking will work out using Louie's words of wisdom. Q: Do you use pencil to simulate caulking on the deck fittings as well? Cabins walls and such. Slow and steady.
  5. Having second thoughts on contact cement for the deck planks, might stick to type 2 wood glue... nudge nudge wink wink. Can anyone tell me the proper use when gluing your deck planking to the false deck plywood? Last time around the wood glue would harden and make it so I couldn't butt the planks together anymore... main reason I got the contact cement out. Do you guys do it all in one go? I never used the cement so I'm a little apprehensive about using it seeing as this is the second take on the decking.
  6. Planning out my deck planking. The wood I got for my deck was 5mm and is a little too wide for what I want so I ripped the strips down to 4mm wide. Hoping the time invested was worth the trouble, should look better in 4mm. My full plank lenght will be 120mm and going with a 3 butt pattern with pencile to mimic caulking and treenails. Also going to "jog" the planks... should be fun.
  7. Got my decks back on after I "trued" the bulkheads with some sanding. The shims i glued as well as the center line string from foredeck to aftdeck insured things would be somewhat straight and true. When I measured, everything looked good.... so round 2 after restarting is underway. I fixed the deck I snapped in 1/2 with some spare wood I had gluing it under the decking inbetween the 2 pieces and will fill/sand the crack from the top once the glue has cured. Nothing exciting to see sofar but a dragon has been slain today and I'm back on the trail. Next step is getting the deck planking back on. Got some contact cement, I believe they call this shoe makers glue at one point in time; that I'll be using this time around to plank the decks. Never used this stuff, so andy info or tips would be helpful to me. As I understand it, I'll have time to plank the whole deck in one go, brushing on a little as I go. It has a 15 min set time, so im think brushing a cm or so from top to bottom at a time and move from centerline to the outside. Enough glue for 2-3 strips at a time.
  8. So now I'm going to "true up?" The top of the bulkheads so I can get my decks back on. I might need to soak the decks to curve them a little to get them to sit right without any dents/divots. Need to order more wood as well now, kit seems to be missing the 3x3 and 5x5 sapelly.... not to mention new decking wood.
  9. To get everything lined up and square I added some cribbing, for lack of a better term. Last time i had used the Lego trick and it didn't look good to me after I had the decks on.
  10. Ahoy all! As was mentioned to me and most new builders, I'm here starting a log of my build. I've already had a few "bloopers" and had to do a hard reset as I wasn't happy with the results. I had the decks on and planked so I hit it with good off (perfect name for a product) to unglue things. It did the trick... didn't work on the nails tho.
  11. Thanks for the wonderful post on clubs Feathermerchant, i never thought there would be such a thing. Finding people with similar interests is always a welcomed endeavor.
  12. Thanks for the replys and thank you BobG, I still need to get my ducks inline but i do hope in starting a build log soon enough and going slow and steady does wins out in the end like you say. Old army saying "slow is fast and fast is slow", i did try and rush a little out of the gates and i'm paying for it now... lesson #1 of the journey.
  13. Thanks Heronguy for the reply. I was a little leery to buy from the sponsors but i've been told i can be jaded at times so it might be a me issue hehe; I'll make it a point go over them to place my orders in the next day or so. I never heared of Crafty Sailor and will get in touch with them as well, especially if they are within range! I really am thinking about starting a build log as i do see the benifits to it, especially this being my first go at wooden ships and model building in a very long time.
  14. Hello all you wonderful people here on these boards! I've been hiding in the shadows for many years now and i'm finaly ready for the light! I've been building model as far back as i can remember, but only with plastics. That being said, I have bought myself a new Latina Bluenose II Ship Model Kit many moons ago and have since decided to throw caution to the wind and dive in with both feet. Without these forums the seas of this wonderful hobby would be increasingly hard to navagate. Thank you MSW and everyone on deck for the all the help and camaraderie we find here in. ~all the best~ Nemo
  15. I have a question for you fine gentlemen out there. Where is a good place to buy supplies? I'm located in the great north ,aka canada; and i'm having a very tough time tracking a good supplier for anything wooden ship related. Here in calgary there's only a couple stores that i found to carry wooden ship supplies and thier selection is very limited, as in almost non-existent. Nowadays with the interwebz i can shop global, but i do get hesitent to send money to a company i don't know of and have no attachement to. So to you veterans out there on these wonderful boards I ask, where do you buy your supplies from? I would much prefer to send my hard earned money somewhere deserved then a greedy, faceless company that doesn't care for the hobby. I've seen the love and wormth this community has for it's craft and craftsmen/women here in, so to whom do you send your money for supplies/kits? This is my first build and i'm ready to give up on this great hobby because of the lack of information and a readily available supplies. I'm well over a few months in and things are becoming too stressful for me (PTSD) and this was supposed to be a hobby to quiet the mind. Everything from "what glue does what and goes where?" to "what paint dose what with what sealer?" turned into a quest for answers and slaying dragons. Sorry if i sounds a little fustrated with the process of learning this new and exciting hobby, but i've always needed knowledge befor the leap. As a great man once told me "Fail to plan, you plan to fail". I do think a list of worthy suppliers is needed and incase it was covered in a previous post i appoligize in advance. ~All the best~ Nemo

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