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  1. Just starting to build the Trotamares and I'm wonder if you glued the frames then glued then glued the piece that fits in-between the planks?
  2. Working on a Midwest Boston Tender. Not sure if I need to create a Garboard Plank. The instructions suggests to "Carefully trim the planks to fit as you work towards the bottom of the boat" I started shaping the Garboard plank, but not sure if I should make it or not. Any suggestions?
  3. Needing some advice on seizing for the shrouds on blocks. I've tied knots then wrapped the seizing around and around but it then it collapse around the shroud. Not sure how to make them? c
  4. Most of the paint details are finished. I intend to do some minor touchups, then put some coats of water base Minwax Polyurethane on.
  5. Making of the Toe Rail was interesting. The instructions said to cut a piece of scrap basswood 3" X 3/32" glue 220 grit sandpaper to it then lay the Toe Rail between to pieces of wood and sand the notches at the appropriate locations. ( Going to have to file this technic away in my brain for future builds)
  6. I then proceeded to install the keel strips and chine strips. I was a bit confused as to how much to fair the bow end of theses strips as later in the instructions the stem was to be attached after the sheet planking was installed. After the side planks and the bottom planks were attached I then realized I didn't fair them correctly. I had to use some wood fill to lessen the gaps on the stem. I did not take any phots the fairing was off when attaching the stem.
  7. With the holidays its been a while since I posted my progress on the Sharpie Schooner. After the deck was attached I did cabin and cargo hatches,
  8. This is my forth build, after completing my last build the 18th Century Longboat by Shipways this should be an easier build for me. Although I did learn a tremendous amount my failures and successes on the previous build.
  9. @Ryland Craze Thank you for your comments, I have learned a tremendous amount while building the Longboat. Many mistakes, mishaps and successes. Not sure of what I be building next. I have 2 Midwest models, SharpieSchooner and the Peterborro Canoe. Also I have Chris Craft 1938 27' Triple Cockpit Barrel Back. I just ordered the Elidir Thames River Steam Boat Wood Model Kit by Constructo. What's your thoughts as I am a novice builder. David
  10. Thank you form allowing me to join the group. I am a retired Electrician A number of years ago my family gave me a couple of wooden boat kits. Last year I finally decided to start putting them together. The first model was a Midwest "The Dinghy" Second was the The Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack Many hours of frustration huge learning curve. I have been working on the 18th Centry LongBoat by Shipways. s.
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