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  1. Been going at it slowly but steadily. Filed down the transom to get it flush with the false keel. Attached the deck to false keel and bulkheads. Did a nasty, dirty job but it stayed stuck. So all in all not too bad. Will need to plan this better on a next project though... Then I glued the reinforcements to the false keel and started sanding them down in preparation for the first planking. And then I messed up. I don't really have a workspace for now. Basically, I do my modelling on the dinner table when my 18 month old has gone to bed. That means I n
  2. Well I've finally finished my deck planking. Just need to smoothen the surface and then I can treat it with the dye supplied with the kit. While I wait for the scrapers I ordered to tackle this job, I'll be starting on sanding down the keel and bulkheads to mount the deck (or I'll be painting walls and doors at home 🙂 ).
  3. Likewise! And now I already know someone who can help me find supplies if I ever need them. 😉
  4. Thanks! And I hope that I will be able to "teach" (or teach) someone something in time.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome. The name has nothing to do with actual pie, I'm afraid (I don't know if I'd like bran pie...). It's just the first few letters of my last and first name put together. I mentioned my perfectionism because it's just what you call it: a bit of a curse. I generally think it's good to strive for perfection, but not if you lack the skillset to achieve it, which is usually the case for me. So that'll be something I know I'll have to fight (up to now it's going great on that account :)). Hope to see you around here...
  6. I ran into a little problem with the decking. A lot of the wood strips for the deck widen from 5 mm on one end to 6 mm at the other end. I thought about dealing with that by just alternating the direction of the strips as I lay them. BUT, is there an achievable way to correct those strips and make them 5 mm wide along the whole length? I have very little tools, this is my first build after all... Any suggestions are welcome.
  7. Have been busy planking the deck for a few days now. Decided to make things hard on myself by not following the instructions. So I'm not laying the "planks" in one piece over the deck and then drawing the separations. I'm cutting the boards to length and using a 3 butt shift system. I think it's turning out quite well. This is a lot of work. And pretty hard. Those strips of wood are not straight! At all! Is there something I should be doing about that or is just forcing them in place the way to go? But I'm having fun. So all is good I guess.
  8. Yes, I'd seen that in the other Polaris logs that you were waiting for your kit. Will be following your log when it comes. Glad there are others I can learn from. How are you going to straighten the keel? I decided to go ahead and start assembly because the warping isn't too bad and some tryouts have me believing I can fix things when permanently attaching the deck. Because of Havelock's log I'm aware of the issue (I probably wouldn't have thought to check otherwise) so at least I can try to avoid more problems. It probably won't be perfect, but hopefully it'll be good enough.
  9. So, I started on fixing the bulkheads to the the keel tonight. I was unsure about getting the bulkheads nice and square because I don't have any tools for that and because of the warped keel. So I decided to glue the bulkheads and then (gently) clamp the deck on top of them. My logic being: if it fits now, it should fit later... 🤞 First 4 bulkheads are drying now. I'll do the rest tomorrow.
  10. My very first build. Shopping around for a kit for that first build I really wanted to get HMS Beagle from OcCre but from watching some of the build videos on YouTube I decided I'd be way in over my head with that one. No matter, this way I have something to look forward to if I really take to the hobby. I've already the read the completed - and ongoing - build logs from Havelock, LHSmith and Spongebob22 (and am expecting at least one more log to follow soon). I've learned a lot from those and am sure that I'll learn a lot more from them in the following months. So now
  11. Hi everyone. I'm Pieter, 38 year old husband, father of a 17-month old son and teacher. I've finally given in to the desire to start wooden model shipbuilding, something I've been dreaming of ever since I visited a little modellers club in Seychelles where they did beautiful scratch builds at the age of 7 or 8. I have quite a bit of experience as a plastic model builder (mainly WWII airplanes) as a teenager, and painted an entire warhammer army in my late teens and early twenties. Since then it's been all about sports (triathlon then, now just cycling and running, for fun), getting started in
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