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  1. Yeah Glen I’ve already been pulled into a false sense of security And found myself reshaping the hill to fit some of the PE parts. This model is some and complex at the same time. But really fun.
  2. After finishing a 7 month complex project, I needed a quick-hit fun project. After watching a few vids on Ships in Bottles, I chose the 1:300 Amati Hannah. So far, it been pure fun. Little commitment, no stress, and totally different. While I want to produce a quality finished model, the ridiculousness of my large hands trying to craft a 1:300 scale ship and then raise the masts and sails inside what looks like an old-west elixir bottle is comical. But it’s working out so far! For anyone looking for an entertaining diversion, I’d highly recommend trying it out. Here’s the start:
  3. Yes all the equipment is part of the kit. I do have some netting I bought from ModelExpo. Trying to figure out how to make it look realistic. It’s the right scale but very stiff. So I have to play around with it and add to the kit. But everything you see is included in the Amati kit.
  4. Thank you! Yeah the quality of the wood in this kit was really nice. I couldn’t bring myself to paint it. So I tried to create contrast. For the hull, I used a water based sanding sealer then brushed on a single coat of Varathane oil based wood stain in Summer Oak hue. Then a light wash of AK Brand lacquer Wash for Wood. Same thing on the deck but finished with AK Naval Dark Wash for Wood Deck. For the laser cut parts I used Saman brand water based stains of various colors. Clear satin acrylic to seal. thx for the Emma c Berry recommendation. I was actually looking at that kit online today. Cheers.
  5. Ok so this is my second build. My “learning build” was Occre’s Essex. I learned a ton, mostly 3 things: 1. Patience 2. Enjoying the process 3. I like the word working far more than the rigging…. So I started the Fifie in March 2021 and just finished it. I’ll upload all the photos in rapid succession. one thing I do know is that I know very little about model ship building. So to get better, I’m inviting any and all feedback on woodwork, rigging, weathering, customization. Anything you think will help as I move on to my next project (TBD.). And any suggestion on a good next level project? Thanks all!!!
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