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  1. Christian ther ar a company in ukraine that make the guns for the la Vénus but I'm not sure if they also make them in 1/64 scale http://www.shipmodels.com.ua Michael
  2. Hi just a small update , the knee parts and keel ar done ,one last thing that needs to be done is tapering the knee of the head. Below is a dry fit of the bulkheads except frame nr. c Michael
  3. hello Antony Yes, that's also one of the things I've been worried about, so I'm looking at this table Michael
  4. Mark A master, no just lucky Christian no but I have access to one where I only pay for the materials I cut , plus 10 $ per hour My building board is finished and the same are the 8 angle braces next one on the list is to cut some wood on my new table saw Michael
  5. Hi All just a little update , before i start the model i have decided to make a build table it is made of 18mm beech ply 700mm wide 2000mm long (sorry for the bad picture) All the bulkheads ( 32 ) and the 9 pieces that make up the stem I post some picture in a few days. out of the 32 bulkheads I only mess up one Michael
  6. Nils no , on a shelf in my living room Druxey yes she is, I'm almost afraid to think about how much she will weigh when she's done Michael
  7. Hi All Now after 6 weeks of high sunshine, where time has been spent outdoors, it now time for a little update.The first picture shows my work table without any mess, it will probably be the last time it will happen. picture 2 and 3 show The three section bulkhead shapes and 13 out of the 32 bulkheads and last but not least some of the wood I received from Jason from Crown Timberyard last week. It's only when you stand with the part between your hands you get an idea how big this model will be , the ruler is 100 cm long and the 2 bulkheads in the middle are 41 cm wide. Michael
  8. hi all I am almost finished with the building plan for the HMDS Perlen , so I decidert to start a buid log for her. all i need to do is the last few frames and the bow filler pieces , and then I be ready to make wood dust.The drawing is made in autocad My plan is to start cutting wood when my 3 week vacation start on april 5 Michael
  9. Hi Druxey Yes, you're right, I've looked up drawings back from 1705 until 1820 and they all show the same thing, like this one from 1728 Michael
  10. Hello Siggi I have found this drawing in the Danish archive. It's a plan of a Danish 90-gun ship of the line from 1766, I have 3-4 drawings more that show the same Michael
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