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  1. Hello everyone, Yesterday I did some work on this model, made a new capstan. The plan is to improve some more parts on the deck. So the level of detail is the same for all the parts.
  2. Hello, wanted to say I am using this thread as reference/inspiration for my own build. Got the kit for my birthday one day and this is the best documented post I could find. Fun to see how long the build is taking, really steady progress. Inserted a few pictures of my own build to show the stage I'm at. It is almost like I don't have to make any hard choices now about what to customize and what not, because you already encountered all the major issues with this kit. Safer for me to make a good build without making any big mistakes. So thanks alot for this thread and keep up the wor
  3. Hello, Love watching this build. Been following it for a long time and its never dissapointing. Hope you don't let it nosedive onto the floor again, that was a dissaster (not sure which build it was). May you enjoy your hobby for a long time to come! Greetings H Lipplaa from Holland
  4. Made the blocks for the topmast shrouds. And you can see the main stay. Also a view of the progress so far.
  5. Working on the rigging now. The masts are not glued so the shrouds and stays have to align the masts.
  6. There cannot be enough "look through holes" inside your model, but the the only problem is there wouldn't be a model left then. Hjalmar
  7. Look beautiful in black and white. Great details.
  8. Difficult part of the ship to construct. Makes the ship look more streamlined when it's done i think. Good luck and have fun. Hjalmar
  9. Looks very clean and perfect. You have made a near perfect model here. Congratulations. Hjalmar
  10. Nice floor, you should make the same in your home Like your build, really how it should be done.
  11. Knightheads - vertical timbers on either side of the stem that add strength to the bowsprit and extra backing to the planks just abaft the stem i got this from a nice webstite with some nautical terms http://www.photographers1.com/Sailing/NauticalTerms&Nomenclature.html#S So they are the same type of object but the knightheads are located at the bow of the ship. But anyway thanks for the info because i didnt know about the helmet. And maybe the ones near the mast are called knightheads too for all i know.
  12. very nice looks even better when unpainted to be honest. Wish i could carve like that i made my lion from a plastic one i cut a head off.
  13. On this photo of the Half Moon replica ship from america you can see the block with lines running through the deck. The hole is covered by a piece of sail cloth. The lines are attached below the deck to a "knecht". So I will make it like that. I improvised with the "knecht" behind the main mast and made one directly behind the mizzen mast. It may need some adjustment. My drawings dont show them, but i had to make them else i cannot rig the ship like i want to. Also on the replica ship from america its also located in a similar position. But, there is also a pin rail or something behind the
  14. Thanks for informing me. By the way i dont have a kit i make everything myself from scratch, except for the deadeye blocks which i bought. On the replica ship of the half moon there is a knecht near the main and mizzen mast and also a beting. On my drawings there are only clamps on the masts and pin rails on the sides. On many models on this site theres a knecht near all three masts. So i think ill make one near the main mast or next to it. And one near the mizzen mast. The foremast has lines running through the deck.
  15. Made some clamps on the masts, made the gun port hatches, varnished the ship. Made a flagpole. There are alot of different models with different solutions or interpretations of what the ship used to look like. I have a question: I dont know what these parts are called but they are used to belay heavy lines. Something like a bollard. I made a picture to show what i mean. I've seen different versions on diffrent models and on the half moon replica from Albany. If someone could tell me what to call these parts, i know im showing only the on-deck part of it, they run belowdeck and
  16. What a fun build, original. When are you going to work on the rigging of your half moon build by the way? Or did i miss something, because i'm anxious to see how you would do that. Your log just is on pause? Have fun building anyway will follow this project.
  17. Hello, my comliments. We want more! hehe. Your work is inspirational for my own build. Not to be satisfied with flawed parts and bad finish. Hjalmar
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