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  1. Hello everyone, Yesterday I did some work on this model, made a new capstan. The plan is to improve some more parts on the deck. So the level of detail is the same for all the parts.
  2. Hello, wanted to say I am using this thread as reference/inspiration for my own build. Got the kit for my birthday one day and this is the best documented post I could find. Fun to see how long the build is taking, really steady progress. Inserted a few pictures of my own build to show the stage I'm at. It is almost like I don't have to make any hard choices now about what to customize and what not, because you already encountered all the major issues with this kit. Safer for me to make a good build without making any big mistakes. So thanks alot for this thread and keep up the work, Greetings, Hjalmar
  3. Hello everyone, Maybe its nothing new, but i tried to mix tamiya paint with 30minute epoxy and it worked pretty well. I attached the keel with this misxture and it fills up the gaps nicely with brown color. Looks abit more naturalthen glassy, clear epoxy. There were a few bubbles, but nothing problematic. Maybe it can be used to simulate caulking or something else, Or art projects. Not model ships but artwork of some kind. It just takes abit longer to harden out. I used just enough drops of paint in an abundance of epoxy, to color it. Ill post the result of the keel assembly soon when its finished. Donrobinson, thanks for the nice reply. Hjalmar
  4. Made some more progress on the stern and planking. The stern is not exactly correct, but it looks ok.
  5. Hello readers of this forum, My name is Hjalmar im 31 years old. I Work with computers and at a brewery. Previously i've built a model of the santa maria it was my first model and plank on frame scratch built. Not nearly as nice as some of great ships built on this forum, but was good for learning a bit. Then i built this model of the half moon also scratch. I hope noone minds too much the topic is unfinished, but the ship itself is also unfinished. The rigging is most of the work still to do on it. And improve some details. Now im making a kit model from constructo. The Enterprise built in 1799 i believe. A bunch of pictures will illustrate my progress so far. I used epoxy glue to make a strong hull construction. Because the bulkheads were flimsy, not strong. I foresee alot of problems i will need to solve: - The planking is not tapered of bent (dont know if its called tapered) bent sideways. To make the planking lay flat against the bulkheads as they curve. I didn't see how to make that bend in the planks and didnt have materials in the kit to make them. So the planking is not correct according to the "rules". But i also cant do this with the second layer of planking strips. Its 0,5mm x 5mm sapelly. - Drill the holes for the masts without destroying the ship, and more even, drilling the hole for the bowsprit without ruining the planking. The last picture is the planking after making it wet to see a stain effect. It looks decent, but the planking is incorrect, but i dont know how to make the necessary planks with just the strips of veneer.
  6. Hello, Love watching this build. Been following it for a long time and its never dissapointing. Hope you don't let it nosedive onto the floor again, that was a dissaster (not sure which build it was). May you enjoy your hobby for a long time to come! Greetings H Lipplaa from Holland
  7. Made the blocks for the topmast shrouds. And you can see the main stay. Also a view of the progress so far.
  8. Working on the rigging now. The masts are not glued so the shrouds and stays have to align the masts.
  9. There cannot be enough "look through holes" inside your model, but the the only problem is there wouldn't be a model left then. Hjalmar
  10. Look beautiful in black and white. Great details.
  11. Difficult part of the ship to construct. Makes the ship look more streamlined when it's done i think. Good luck and have fun. Hjalmar
  12. Looks very clean and perfect. You have made a near perfect model here. Congratulations. Hjalmar

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