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  1. I've made a few more improvements, this time to the rigging I was never happy with the single line reefing system because it was hard to get good tension at the clew and it meant standing up to move the reefing hooks up to the second reefing line if required. Not a great idea in a small round bilged boat when the wind picks up. First I made what I'll refer to as a sheave cassette to go into the boom in way of the yoke, this allowed the single sheave to be replaced by 2 that allow permanent attachment of both luff reefing downhauls. By clamping the boom to a bench and building a br
  2. The Carriage, this is made from an old block of river red gum I've had for three decades and use little bits now and then. It's a very fine grained hard wood that finishes very easily and when waxed could be mistaken for a cast resin fake timber so I always leave a few very slight imperfections.
  3. Yes epoxy is fun isn't it but the best 3 lessons you'll learn about it are :- Lesson #1: After a certain period (dependent upon the type you're using) you can smooth the edges with a gloved finger dipped in alcohol Lesson #2: After it has cured some more and is no longer soft you can use a sharp tool to easily slice off excess before it hardens completely Lesson #3: After it has hardened completely you can use a hot air gun to soften it so a sharp tool can remove excess but be careful not to heat too much or you'll weaken the joint.
  4. Having built a 12 inch to the foot model myself I'll tag along. While I'm on the subject my "Twelve inch to the foot dinghy" thread was moved to masting and rigging some time ago, can't figure why. As a moderator can you put it back in this section ?
  5. I have wanted to make a field gun and wooden wheels for ages and now that I have a hex ER collet block I thought I'd give it a go. This is a generic design of my own inspired by pics found on the net. It's as much about the exercise and learning opportunities such a project presents as anything else. Basic shape turned Mounted in square collet block to drill trunnion holes at 180 degrees Back in the lathe to finish turning Trunnions pressed in
  6. If more "Honey dos" come your way might I suggest answering with the Beatles classic "Honey don't", you may then wish to duck
  7. Yeah that's an interesting concept, you've set yourself another challenge. It will be interesting to watch it take shape and one to remember I think
  8. In my "Miss Caroline" model build I used small brass nails to secure the keelson to the moulds. I also used them to secure the strakes as I went, the resultant holes are tiny and easily filled with a little wood filler. In my case the floor boards cover most of the holes in the lower hull anyway and I would assume the same would apply in your case but they are so small you have to look for them to see even the ones in plain view up the sides of the hull. My hull is more spartan than yours will be too so they'll disappear easily.
  9. Might I suggest that the indicator disc was probably connected directly to the elevation mechanism rather than the the drive gears for that mechanism. So it was probably mounted on a shaft that passes through the guns base and connects to the jacking (for want of a better word) mechanism itself, this would give a more direct reading and therefore greater accuracy. As usual I have run out of superlatives for your attention to detail, I always look forward to your updates.
  10. I used to joke about my first build that it was amazing it didn't become a flying boat, ie flying across the room. These things teach us patience and the art of recovery.
  11. I don't know how much you know about epoxy but there is generally a period when it has solidified but is still relatively soft. A saving grace when I build the full size Miss Caroline. You'll find a sharp chisel or knife will slice through the squeeze out quite easily and cleanly. If the epoxy has passed this point then the careful application of heat from a hot air gun will temporarily soften it and allow easy trimming but don't let it get too hot or the epoxy will fail.
  12. Vaddoc, there is a gas strut at the forward end of the hatch to assist in the raising and lowering
  13. Yeah you're hooked. You can't stop now so keep building. I'm working on modifications to the full sized Miss Caroline thankfully, it gives respite from the small stuff
  14. Yes I have to agree, what ever happened to "A tall ship and a star to steer her by" Bark Endeavour has a comms&nav room in one of the small cabins by the aft companion way and it has one large screen mainly dedicated to wind and a few smaller ones for gps, depth etc but nothing like Germania
  15. That's one hell of a comms/nav station, can't help but wonder how you're going to pull that off.
  16. Well done sir and commiserations on the docking accident. It's a bugger when that sort of things happen but at least in this case you have all the skill to rebuild every part of it.
  17. Mate, I can't help with tasks 1 & 2 but I've got plenty of room for it here! I had the highfield levers worked out incorrectly so it was nice to see how they actually work.
  18. Like most modelers, it's not about who will notice when it's finished, it's about you knowing the detail is there.
  19. Eberhard, I like the idea of a larger scale model of the gun and carriage. With your tooling and attention to detail it would be absolutely exquisite.
  20. Finally found this build, very interesting indeed Michael
  21. Mate, don't you hate it when you keep dropping small parts, the damn things never fall in plain view either and always seem to find their way under something.
  22. As my dear old mum used to say "put it in water and see if it grows" It would make a really nice yacht, I'd love it in full size.
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