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  1. Yeah, I've only got three halyards, three sheets, a topping lift and a kicking strap and my boat looks like that when sailing.
  2. Yeah, not disappointed! That's every bit a nice as I'd expected and I like the brass tube as a guide.
  3. Not at all surprised it took all day. Patience pays off though and I'm looking forward to the finished wheel.
  4. Dave, by pointing the windward vents into the wind and the leeward vents away from the wind you can get a nice cross flow below decks. You can see the vents on Waratah (which I crew and was at the helm when that pic was taken) either side of the funnel. One facing forward and one aft. This helps create a cross flow of air in the stoke hold so the poor stokers don't cook. Of course sailing vessels aim them differently than steamers for the reasons Kieth mentioned but in fair weather they'd have some facing to windward and the others away.
  5. We never got so bad as to require masks, they were suggested but not required. We have had 100 deaths nation wide and for the last 8 days there have been no new cases of community transmitted covid in NSW
  6. Rest well Dan, your memory will live on around the world for many years to come.
  7. Geez Mark, give the man a break. You'll get it into his head and he'll go mad trying to make it all
  8. That's what a sail boat should look like, lines, lines and more lines! Love it
  9. Getting all those lines tidy in one little boat is going to be an interesting challenge for you but I know you'll pull it off beautifully
  10. Great work as usual It's always hard to get the right amount of light exactly where you want it even though fluoros are the best way to light a workshop because their length helps eliminate shadows cast by you and other things. Sometimes an adjustable, relocatable lamp is the only way.
  11. Another master class. I was gong to suggest rolling up a sheet of variously coloured paper then cutting it
  12. Funnily enough I also discovered fishing leader wire and used it for the shrouds and stay on the "Miss Caroline" model. I used a cigarette lighter to burn the plastic coating off and this had the bonus of aging the cables somewhat, blackened a bit here, dulled a bit there. You can change the appearance by simply running the blackened cable through your fingers which gives the brighter surface and darker recesses. I'm very happy with it and it comes in a really good range of sizes.
  13. Yeah Keith, I reckon if you had the time to gather all your little manufacturing techniques together in one thread without all the other stuff it would be an invaluable practicum.
  14. Mark that looks like a very nice little row boat, very enjoyable I'd imagine and the neck flexibility, while you still have it, does semi negate the mirror but my neck got too stiff years ago. Keith, very eloquent analogy of rowing and life. At the moment it definitely feels like we've only got one oar and it's called corona! Thanks for your compliments on my little boat and I'm happy it gave you good memories, that is after all the reason we build these things.
  15. Hi Mark Yeah I've wanted to get some rowing in but I've got a bit of work to do on the transom first so about a week before I can. The mirror is right about eye level so is easy to look at and gives really good coverage. What are you rowing? If you want any details on the mirror etc get in touch, I think you've got my number.
  16. I've been using a rowing mirror supported on a "Tablet stand" with a flex neck and clamp base. Effective but wobbly and ugly. Now with all this time on my hands I've made a much nicer replacement using the same mirror and tablet cradle and retaining the ball joint from the original. I was able to cut the ball joint from the flex shaft, centre drill it and turn a 5mm diameter nut to go into a pre-existing lateral hole in the ball. I cross drilled and tapped the nut to 3mm then turned a screw and washer to attach it all to the new spruce post which sits in the inwhale spaces so I can move i
  17. You're all wrong, as my dear departed mum used to say "It's a wigwam for a gooses bridle"
  18. OK now I'll come clean, I sent Keith a PM after my previous post saying I didn't really know what it was I was just stirring the pot to promote the mystery of it. Although I did have an idea because I know how Keith did the cradle for Altair, it's his style.
  19. Some really nice work there mate If you're waiting for a heat gun to use on the heatshrink there are other ways to shrink it. A hair dryer works well as does a cigarette lighter, just keep a bit of distance between the lighter and the job. It doesn't take a lot of heat but you want to spread it around the tube so it shrinks evenly
  20. It's obvious what he's doing, I'm surprised you can't see it. I won't spoil his fun though!
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