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  1. I'm so happy you decided to build this! It's such a beautiful boat, I'm delighted to get the chance to follow your progress. I have been waiting for someone to give the cutter a try
  2. Wau! This is really beautiful! Well done indeed!
  3. Hello Alexandru! Even though I have seen the last five pages, I keep re-watching them when you have an update! food for creative thoughts!
  4. Must say it's really coming into shape. She's going to be a real big beauty!
  5. Hello Frank Can you be more specific on the scale you are working in? It is an interesting project I must say, hope you will attempt to succeed
  6. Your work space brings up dreams in me. Living in the city has a lot of bad aspects. Someday day I will have great space, but for now I'll have to work mainly at my parents. Your work is solid and clean. Looks good! Happy Christmas, by the way!
  7. Great build, really great! Looking forward to see how it will end, and good luck with figuring out your little (big) cannon problem. Happy Christmas!
  8. Very nice model. I like the rc steamship idea. Don't worry about the quality, it seems quite alright, and no place takes harm from diversity! I would like to see your building process in more detail, at future work. If in doubt of how to do anything here on the forums, don't be afraid of asking. Well, you can even make a new thread in this section: Questions/instructions on how to use and post to this forum/Site Problems or suggestions (link) Check it out, it's good reading when in doubt
  9. I made this for you Yes. I'd love to make it gaff rigged. I'm very much in love with that particular rigging. Example (link) Time to introduce the radiogear I bought the set when I started the project 2 years ago, and I recall it cost 500 DKK which is about 100 USD. It includes a controller, a battery pack, a receiver and 2 electrical motors. I had to modify the one motor to be able to do full spins, as it was only able to do quarter turns. This, I recon, will do fine for the rudder, but I'd like to be able to control the sheets. If I attach a bobbin to the motor, it would be able to tighten and slacken the sheets... Hopefully. I have no particular mechanism in mind, well see! Happy Christmas everyone! Thank yo for checking in, this may not be a "top notch" quality project, but it's fun, and I am exited to make it work!
  10. The afternoons progress: I sanded the transom piece. I applied gelcoat filler for larger damages and holes. The result should be nice and smooth, I'm really looking forward to the rewarding sanding I filled the hole from the old rudder, it was never properly installed, and in any way watertight.
  11. Thanks, motivation's good! Today I sanded the sides down, and filled the gabs with a filler called "wood mastic", and added a transom piece. The bow, I have only sanded one side The side There is much more space inside the boat now, lovely for my RC equipment. The block is holding back some inwards tension. It is not attached, and I will replace it later. The boat have some damages that I will fill with wood filler. After applying the filler. The filler I glued the transom piece on, I will shape it later by sanding. Jakob
  12. Yesterday I looked through my old projects, and fell over an old boat. It has been my dads, when he was a boy, and 2 years ago, when I lived at my parents, I decided to rebuild it, and add RC steering in it. Soon after, I moved out, and the project was forgotten. Now I have decided to work on it, as I am visiting my parents for Christmas. The plan is to make a model sailboat with adjustable rudder and sheets. I will not be copying any real boat, but working with the gut feeling and my heart Today, I have begun the process of raising the freeboard, as the boat was very low. I cut two pieces of wood, slightly oversize, and glued them to the boat. Tomorrow, I will be sanding the new freeboard so it fits. It was glued with water-resistant wood glue The boat seen just before gluing (I realized, this was my last oppotunity, just after applying the glue ) I will be adding the transom extension later, don't ask why, sometimes, you just regret being lazy, and not using your ruler the first time! I was unable to find a translation for what I did to make space inside the boat, but I used a chisel, and later a power drill with a round sander, as the hull originally was massive. The bow has seen hard times, and is flat from being dropped on the floor countless times. The boat is very low, and i fear the waterline will be too high, with the weight from the rigging, RC-devices and ballast. This I am hoping to solve by extending the hull. That's all for now, hopefully tomorrow I will introduce the RC gear, and have some progress to show. This is my first log, all advice will be greatly appreciated, may it be build or layout/presentation related! I'm looking so much forward for my new toy Good evening to you all, and happy Christmas!
  13. Nice work on the 3D model, and thank you, you just gave me a book Was the model for printing? I'd love to have a 3D printer, but on the other hand, the old way is so much more rewarding! Edit: I see what you mean with googles quality issue. But the text seems fine, I should have all the information I need
  14. I see, thank you for explaining, Jay It all makes sense now. Maybe except for the cannon itself, but I'm quite sure I can figure it out, after a while This will be very helpful indeed. Cheers, Jakob
  15. Great information, Jay. I'm quite sure the quality is just fine! Is it already in scale? I have a hard time understanding the English measurements.. Regards, Jakob Edit: Just took a last look, and the table on the right seems to give three scales.. Though I still don't know how to read it properly.
  16. Thank you Allan! The book seems really interesting. I will try to get my hands on it, though it is unlikely I can get it in my money-league here in Denmark.
  17. Thanks for providing the link! To me it seem easier to do it the old "2 part mold", as I probably won't be making over 12 cannons. I also like the idea of keeping the mold the tree method would be for a larger amount of moldings i recon?? Regards, Jakob!
  18. Yes, I could imagine. it would probably respond poorly to heat, would just curl up. I was thinking of some thicker plastic. I'll have to try it out some day. Maybe this glass wasn't used on ships at all, i'll have to find out.
  19. I don't understand the "tree-method". Could you provide a picture, maybe a creative paint version? I'm interested, as I'm planing to make a set of cannons soon.
  20. I haven't decided on a specific model yet, and i think it will rely very much on what plans i can get my hands on. But I have had some thoughts on the Mediator which sailed under Great Britain, and was armed with 10 4-pounder cannons in 1745. It would be my first model, and this one seems relatively small and manageable. This would mean that I'm actually looking for a British 4-pound cannon from 1745. Kindest of regards, Jakob
  21. This is really nice work, and especially for a first model. I am very impressed. It might be too late, but if i'm not mistaken, the windows made at this time had a small outwards curve. I have been unable to find any examples, but I just got an idea that this effect could be achieved by heating up the plastic. I got the idea when i saw this picture, where the effect is already indicated. Really nice weathering too! Best regards, Jakob
  22. Dear Johann It is logs like this one that really gets me inspired to start practicing this hobby! I don't think I can say any positive words that has not been said, but I will repeat: That is terrific and high(est) class mini craftsmanship. A joy to behold! Grüß, Jakob!

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