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  1. Can't tell you how much I love your work, EJ, but I suspect you already know. Kurt
  2. At home, but my oxygen level remains serious at 90%. I can not do anything.
  3. Survived my tenth day with Covid today, and I did not die - that's a plus.
  4. I used an old 10" wood cutting band saw, a Delta 890, for cutting shaving thin pieces off larger chunks of wood and making small, detailed parts. It's what I have, and there are lots of other, smaller tools that could do an easier job of it. You can use a large 10" circular saw for a lot of cutting jobs, even though it is ideal for many of them. Making a sled or guide jig can be a clever way of cutting parts you normally would not attempt on a large saw.
  5. Keith, you gotta stop overthinking things or you're gonna blow a gasket. 😀
  6. Things haven't changed. When I sailed cargo ships in the Merchant Marine, we had to watch out so the foreign longshoremen would not steal tools from the engine room or just about anything that wasn't tied down to sell them for quick money ashore. The Egyptian trinket merchants made off with 50 lbs. of coffee that was locked up in the galley in Port Said. Rather clever job if you ask me. They'll steal the brass propellers of the life boats if you let them.
  7. Both. It was the first knot we learned as Midshipmen at the US Merchant Marine Academy. The whip is commonly used today, as it was a thousand years ago.
  8. And don't worry. Understanding the terminology of rigging will become clearer in time. You're on your first ship. Allow yourself time to learn the details. Every ship model is better than the last.
  9. Everyone makes mistakes like that. I noticed one of my blocks is upside down. Not worth fixing. You can always stain the line in place using a paintbrush and 5 minutes of very careful work. Pine tar was used on the lines to prevent rot, the same as it was used on wood.
  10. I bought a later version of SF II, the double planked version. It is a real shame that Artesania Latina is gone, because SF II is really a great kit, particularly for beginners, and at a great price. I bought one on sale because the Spanish Galleon is such a classic, historical ship, and a personal favorite. It has plenty of detail, but also has room for additional detailing.
  11. Your wood top looks SO MUCH better than the cast one! Gute Arbeit! The tops in my Artesania Latina SF II are laser cut wood. It must be a different version of the kit.
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