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  1. Hi EJ, You are doing an amazing work on your Soleil Royal, it is very inspiring I am following your built with great interest as I will start the Soleil Royal very soon (the kit is under my bed ). If you are looking for the real blue colour used on Louis XIV ships, there is a rare document showing the Soleil Royal bow I hope this document will help you for your built. All the best, Marc
  2. Hi Dimitri Your Amerigo Vespucci looks amazing, you are doing a great job. Regarding the net colour, I am sending you attached a couple of A.V. pictures I found on internet On the first picture the net seems to be beige, but on the other one it looks more white. I think it is just the natural rope colour, The more important is that you like the result, it is your model Have fun Kind regards Marc
  3. Hi Dimitri I have been following your work for a while now, and I want to congratulate you on the amazing job you are doing I am really enjoying your work and cannot wait to see your Amerigo Vespucci completed. I will follow your Royal Caroline as well. All the best with your build Marc
  4. Hi Clare You are doing a very nice work on your Yakatabune. Regarding your lighting problem, it seems that they did not use floor lamps, they would not be stable enough, but they used lanterns hanging from the ceiling. You can have a look at the following Edo period Ukiyo-e and see the lanterns inside the ship. However if you still prefer to make floor lanterns to avoid the wires going to the ceiling (which I understand), a traditional Edo design could be nice: This one could be more stable on a ship and looks very Edo style. Anyway it is just a
  5. Hi Clare Thanks for your very interesting explanation about the Kitamae Sen. You are right, we do not hear that much about those amazing ships, even in Japan. It is very difficult to find information and books about them. All the best for all Higaki Kaisen builders. Cheers Marc
  6. Just one more detail regarding the Kitamae Sen ship. They were sailing up and down the Northern coast of Japan (Japan Sea) to Hokkaido in the early Edo Period. The Higaki Kaisen was running on the other side, on the Pacific coast between Osaka and Edo (now Tokyo). Marc
  7. Hi Clare and Rob, You are welcome, I am glad that the pictures could help out. When I visited the museum there was a temporary ship model exhibition and there was a ”Kitamae Sen" model (Edo period from Ezo, the present day Hokkaido). Please find below some pictures, it can give Rob an idea for adding the cargo as it is the same type of ship as the Higaki Kaisen. I also have the Higaki Kaisen book edited by the museum (all in Japanese) with some plans and details. If you are interested I can scan it and send it to you as it is almost impossible to find it these
  8. Hi Rob, Congratulation on your build, the Higaki Kaisen is an amazing ship and you've done a great job so far. Until a few years ago, a life sized replica of an Edo period Higaki kaisen was exhibited at the Maritime Museum of Osaka. The replica even sailed for a while in Osaka Bay before they installed it in the museum. Unfortunately the museum closed a few years ago. I am sending you few pictures of the Osaka Higaki kaisen I took in the museum. Good luck with your build. Marc
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