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The deck looks like it is made of one piece of wood that is quite thick. Can you force the deck in place with your hand? If you can, the rubber bands or cord should do the job. Otherwise you may need to use larger screw clamps and use the piece below to hold the clamps in place.

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If you are going to plank your deck after gluing in place, a good result can be gained by marking the deck where the bulkheads line up under it, predrilling (about a 0.8mm drill bit) through the deck and bulkheads, applying glue then nailing deck in place with pushpins or chart pins. I have found chart pins such as that arrowed below work better than standard push pins because the heads don't break off when nailing. Pins are easily removed when glue is dry.



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If you are going to use the existing piece, wet it thoroughly on top before gluing and adding rubber bands.

Would wetting this piece affect the integrity of the glue that's already holding the planks to the deck? Also, would the rubber bands leave indentations in the wet deck?
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