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New kit in the market: HMS Sirius

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Hello all. Not sure if this is new news, but I got an email from Modeler's Central for pre-ordering this new kit.

There is a 6 DVD set on how to build it. A modeler's dream come true.  :D



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This kit is not 'new.' Modeller's Shipyard (modeller's central) was selling it some years ago. The rumour was that it was that it was taken off the market due to design faults - I'm not sure if this is true but it looks like they have resurrected it - they must have fixed the problems that existed in the earlier version ???????? This kit is considerably cheaper than the original which (from memory) sold for around $1100 (AU)

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I too got sent an email regarding this model. Looks nice in the pictures, is really big, not too bad a price from that site,

the addition of a free dvd also helps the deal, and the ship is a very significant part of our country's history. Having

said all that i do really respect Brian's opinion (and others as well) on the subject and just wonder if i am willing to

risk $800 (by the time postage). also i reckon for models this expensive they need to go into more detail about the

kit. i want to know if the life boats are metal or wood for example. all companies seem to use the same stock standard

blurb to describe whats in the box. nearly all greatly stretch the truth to say the least. 



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Rick, I think you are right about the boats. They look identical to the ones supplied with the Perseverance and Mermaid - which were plastic. I think this may be the case with other manufacturers as well though. The Caldercraft Supply ( my current build) did not even come with a ship's boat. I actually used the plan from the Modellers Shipyard Sirius Longboat (which I reduced to a length of about 8cm on a photocopier) and scratch built it. It turned out really well - better than anything I could buy.

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hey Dan is there pics or links to that museum? would love to see those.




Not really Chris, all I can find on Google is the Tourism bit which doesn't really show too much :(






:cheers:  Danny

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